Secretary Dong, who was immersed in the case file, raised his head,Criticize unceremoniously,“You men,Spent a few years abroad,Net learn some dross back,my country has a long history of tea,Not only refreshing,Health,It also has detoxification and anti-inflammatory effects,Don’t drink such good things,I want to work, Secretary Yang to make coffee,I don’t know Lianxiangxiyu at all。”

Secretary Dong scolded them,Turning his head to smile at the willow,“So what,Secretary Yang,These brothers are delicious and lazy,Used to win people’s hearts,Don’t be corrupted by them。I’ll just make my own coffee in the future,We live in the same direction,I’ll take you back from get off work,Lest you wind and sun,That’s it。”
Secretary Shi, they are still wondering,How did Secretary Dong, who likes coffee most, change his taste?,So I was waiting here。
All rolled their eyes at him,The ridicule is endless,He didn’t hear。
“Am i missing something?”Secretary Hu came in with a stack of documents,Obviously feel the atmosphere is different from when he left,Looking at the relaxed colleagues,Asked suspiciously:“Is there anything happy?”
Secretary Shi smiled,“It’s nothing,Secretary Yang’s coffee is delicious,To show thanks,We want to invite her to dinner。”
“OK,Take me one。”
Secretary Hu nodded to Yang Liu,Clap the file,“Remind you,The boss will be there soon,Have you done everything in your hands??”
The boss is back?Why don’t you go back and take the jet lag??So fight,Can the body stand it??
People who chatted easily just now,Sit tightly,Quickly sort out the work at hand,Don’t make any mistakes,Don’t be caught by the boss。
My colleagues are like enemies,Secretary Hu secretly snickered,He won’t say that the boss is very happy today,You don’t need to be so careful。
Chapter Forty Eight Cut
Take a look at the willow without any sense of existence,Direct orders,“Secretary Yang,You send four cups of coffee in a while,Mr. Huo likes coffee,Others casually,You are done。”
Yangliu nodded respectfully,“Ok。”
Mom works in a cafe,Good coffee,Is a well-known technician in the industry,Ears and eyes,She cooks well,Can also simply pull flowers,Although compared with mom,Not so bad,But it’s pretty good。
Colleagues like her coffee,She is naturally happy,But I’ll see Huo Yunhe in a while,I’m still a little nervous。
I’m back from a business trip and I’m going home.,The journey is so hard,Isn’t it irritable??