Of course Ding Haijun knew that Nikolayevich was upset,No one will be happy with this kind of thing,But no way,The scalpel incident over the Barents Sea was manipulated,The new Soviet heavy fighter……Such important information,He does not go back and personally report to the leader,Is it necessary to use Soviet international long-distance routes and domestic reporting??Not afraid of eavesdropping by the Soviets?

“This is really no way,The leader asked me to go back immediately,”Ding Haijun again apologized and explained to Nikolayevich:“But it doesn’t take too long,About five days。”
Five days,It takes two days to come and go,In other words,It takes three days to go back to deal with official duties this time。
Nikolaevich is a bit depressed,Can face the old Ding Haijun with sincere expression,He has nothing to do:All big countries,Who has nothing to rush back to deal with??
“Five days right,Ok,”Without any choice,Nikolayevich only nodded,Simultaneously,He gently reminded Ding Haijun:“If I can come back soon,I still hope that Mr. Ding will come back soon。”
Ding Haijun nodded naturally,Means certain。
While domestic,Faced with the emergency return procedure、Comrade Ding Haijun,Already like a big enemy、Stand ready:In the end what happened?So that the experienced old diplomat of Ding Haijun had to return to China urgently to report on the situation.?
First880chapter start preparing
When Ding Haijun, who returned home in a hurry, explained to the high-level why he initiated the emergency return procedure,New York, USA on the other side of the earth,With the bright lights,In a group of assistants、Surrounded by secretaries and bodyguards,Ji Shengcheng walked into the door of the Hilton Hotel in Lost Manhattan, New York.——Although Ji Shengcheng’s current value does not match this pomp,But if it is“Decree”Come,That’s another matter。
The lobby manager who has already received the notice from the parking brother in the walkie-talkie,Came over quickly,Warm smile:“Hello sir,Welcome to the Hilton Hotel,I’m the lobby manager James,What can I do for you?”
Ji Shengcheng looked at this up and down40Many years old、A neat and tidy James glance,Nod slightly:“Who is your general manager?I have a business to talk to him。”