Wang Youcai walked over,Lie on the hospital bed with Wang Degui,Then he lowered his voice and said:”You have to think clearly。If you still talk like this when you leave the hospital,The people in Xiping Village will tear you apart,Didn’t you see Zhao Hong’s funeral,Spectacular and scary“

“This is the fact,What do you want me to do?”Wang Degui asked coldly。
Finance Minister Wang You took a breath and said:“After you leave the hospital,Let’s go to the village committee,Trouble him Xia Jian,Give him all the responsibility Xia Jian。Thus,Everyone will never target you again”
“The bad water in your kid,Just say it clearly”Wang Degui heard this,He lowered his voice and said。
Wang Youcai said:“Ask him Xia Jian for compensation,It is said that there are hidden dangers in the safety of Southeast Mountain。As a leader without precaution,Just for personal fame and fortune。Such a big accident,The main responsibility lies with him Xia Jian。Got a word,Compensation is just a shock,The purpose is to divert public attention“
“You just need to do what Wang Youcai said,Your old Wang family has a place to stay in Xiping Village,Otherwise, there will be such a big accident this time,The people of Xiping Village must drive your old Wang’s family out of Xiping Village“Song Fang, who had not spoken all the time, whispered a few words to Wang Degui.。
Chen Yueqin was anxious,She said with tears:“his dad!Kids say this,Also for our old Wang family。Moreover,Xia Jian is also wrong,What are you trying to raise,Now the problem is raised,Don’t you tell him who?“
Listen to Wang Degui,I was a little helpless and sighed。He knew Zhao Hong’s position in the hearts of the villagers。Something like this,The villagers can’t let him go。It seems that the best way is to be someone who doesn’t know what’s wrong,Only in this way,He can escape this。
When Xia Jian was lying in the ward to recuperate,An anonymous letter has arrived on Chen Jiang’s desk。This incident from Xiping Village,Spread throughout the city。Chen Jiang already knew,He just made a symbolic call,I asked Qin Xiaomin。
He really doesn’t want to care about this,Anyway, it was Xia Jian’s responsibility,Good or bad has little to do with him。Even if it is to be held accountable。There is Qin Xiaomin on Xia Jian,So he doesn’t bother to worry about it。
But when he opened this anonymous letter,The whole person suddenly came to the spirit。The anonymous letter is specifically for Xia Jian,Said he was eager for quick success,Without security guarantees,Set up a trial goat breeding area in Southeast Mountain。There was a major accident with one death and two injuries,The anonymous letter means that Chen Jiang wants to remove Xia Jian from the post of mayor。
Chen Jiang took this anonymous letter,Thought for a long time,So he called Secretary Lu in Pingyang Town。Then I called the deputy mayor Han Qing。
Go to work at 2:30 in the afternoon。Qin Xiaomin received a call from Secretary Chen Jiang,Notify him to go to the conference room for a meeting。About Xiping Village,Made Qin Xiaomin exhausted,She has a little bit of energy today,I didn’t expect Chen Jiang to hold another meeting。
Qin Xiaomin sighed,Feeling helpless, he went to the small conference room on the fourth floor。The moment I opened the door,Qin Xiaomin was a little surprised。Because there are already many people in the meeting room,Tong Jie, deputy mayor of Pingyang Town,And Ma Yan from Xiping Village,The other is Chen Jiang and Han Qingping。