However, only the look of Chen Shanli,It is not good to judge,He is iron and Chen Youyi framed Qiaofeng.,Still also cheated。

Just obviously Chen Shanli is not willing to clarify this matter at this time.……
As for Lu Zhang Long……Sure enough, your old man is being dominated.?From the beginning to the end, only you don’t know anything.!
You have a long time old,Why is it mixed than the law enforcement??
And Kang Min took out many people recognized,Qiao Feng also has no denying,Just say that he is going to Luoyang.,The fan is already lost.。
However, after the previous pave,How are you like a sin of Qiaofeng?,After that, Qiaofeng can’t steal the door.,I don’t do it next day.、I can’t kill the horse.!
Chapter 82 Big yin yang
I heard that this fan is really Qiaofeng.,The disciple of the gang is not worth each other.,Song Xiwu,Some hesitation,Instead, only Lu Youpeng is dissatisfied and is dissatisfied with the people of Qiao Feng.。
But just here.,The Chu Deiren suddenly suddenly tomb.:“Hey,This fan is not good!”
This abrupt sound,Attracting a lot of ideas for a moment……
Qiao Feng is also cold in the heart,I thought that this new Chu brother did not believe in themselves.,Also telling。
Only a long time to know Chu Deirers,I have seen his tone.,So I took a sentence:“What is the Chu brother saying??”
“Click one’s tongue,How to get a fan?Sorctibility,Engrave‘Qiao Feng’Two big words,Not better?It also saves you need。”Chu Deirers sometimes tone,Is full of ridiculous。
As if the hundred homes,Climb out from the history of the long river。
Many people heard the words of the Chu Deirers,It is also true to see the horse.——Just is not doubtful“Tasty”,Just no one is challenging。
“Chu Shao Xia,Don’t you doubt me??”Kang Min brought indignation,Feelings natural and full。
Flower has no shortage standing out:“Chu brother talking,Benefic enough!”
Chu Deirers took the beautiful and just——But change personal export,Chu Deirers must default him and Kang Min has an legs,Only this flower is free,It is really a defect in this area.……
“No no,I want to take me such a light job.、Or the seventy two flowers of the flowers,Who is going on?,It is often necessary to drop paper fans.。”Chu Deirers have no lack of flowers together.。
Don’t think that you will be a little bit.!
By the way, Chu Deirers also emphasized,Flower has no shortage list of seventy-two facts。
There is no shortage of flowers,and……It is not very intentional to have a seventy-two,Instead, a maid behind,At this time:“Bold!How do I have the same class??”
But the flowery is no shortage.“Dutiful”,Stop this maternity,Afterward:“If I am a gangster,It is a weak woman with Mrs. Ma.,Also use to smoke、Housing,Ding is an uneasiness in your heart,Unhappy,Underdeveloped,Nothing is possible。”
Chu Deman:……
There is no lack of flowers.“I really make sense”Look,Silk does not like pseudo,Obviously he is trustworthy!
Chu Deirers are also helpless,Qiaofeng’s situation is not enough,There are still flowers that have no shortage of central air-conditioning.。
It is not a shortcomings that everyone is not a shortcomings.,Many people also feel that the Chu Deirers say——If it is a master of Qiaofeng,How can I fall??After the owner of the house is,Search,I didn’t find my fan.?
“Where is the brother??”Chu Deeng expected。
pity,Chen Youyi and others have difficulties in this matter,Natural Qiaofeng is not proven,Calculate the head of the north and south,Everything that Shenlong is not seeing……
After a trick,Chen Yougu toe high、It seems that I have already turned over.:“Qiao Feng,When you say that you can’t prove that you are not in Luoyang at the time.?”
Chu Deirens have to turn asked:“This is odd……Old three、Four,Are you from sinful heroes??This surnamed Chen’s vowed is that Murong reaches people.,Now, I became a brother at the time in Luoyang.?Will not just simply target Murong?”
“Not too,This is obviously for the Joe Gang,After a while, the Joe Golden Lord colluded with my son.,In a while, it is Joe God to kill.,In short, as long as it is the fault of Joe,How is it?!”The package is different from the contradiction between the Chu Deirers.,First unanimously。