One time,All memitors seem to have a wind。

Chen Riyuan recalls the pain of the pain again。
When he was young, he once in Tianfeng attached a medical treatment.,Tuberculosis,But at the time were misdiagnosed as pneumonia,Result delay,Resulting in patient infectious shock death。
That is a medical accident,It is precisely because of the event,He left the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianfeng Medical University。
Chen Riyuan stared at Li Shufeng’s face,His eyebrows and the patient are very like,And the imprints in your hand are also exactly the same.。
This is a gang gang。
In the past few years, I am cut into yellow.,That gang was already cleaned up.。
“You are his son?”Chen Riyuan guess what is agreed。
Li Sifeng’s face became terrible,He wants to get up,But I found that the limb has no power。
He is now like an old man in the old man.,The body is not listening to the brain.。
“I am coming to my father to discuss fairness.,The result is proved again,You are a paid doctor。”Li Shufeng’s madman。
Chen Riyuan clears the fist,See Ye Ye,Say:“Contact emergency chestCT,In addition, he will take his sputum.,Medical advicePPDAnd tuberculosis protected these。”
It is now a matter of justice to determine that Li Sifeng is really a tuberculosis.!
Chen Riyuan is now finally understood,All this is a trap!
From the beginning, Li Sifeng is deliberately concealing the condition.,It is just to let Chen Riyuan misdiagnosed.!
If nothing unexpected happens,Look in Li Sifeng under the Tomorrow Ward, you will come to trouble.!
Chen Riyuan goes directly out。
Zhou Ye is following。
This time it seems to be something!
Regardless of Li Sifeng is not intentionally hiding the condition,But the hospital is definitely responsible here.,Because Chen Riyuan doesn’t have a hospital, it will give himPPDThese checks,Instead, I believe in him.。
“This kind of patient is also nausea,Smile when clinics,No one will think that he is actually installed.。”Zhou Ye I said to Chen Riyuan behind him.。
Chen Riyuan is like a numb,This kind of thing,It seems that I have to be busy next.。
He sighed:“First, etc.,If he is really a tuberculosis,Then he deliberately spreads the nucleus,Social harm,He will be sanctions。”
It’s really a madman!
Don’t take your own health to do this kind of hard work!
“Xiao Wu,Let’s go to the office and other emergency chestCTresult。”Chen Riyuan is now a handless,Can only wait for auxiliary inspection results,Further clarify what should I do next?。
Fortunately during the current epidemic,Everyone wears a mask,Daily disinfection in the ward!
Therefore, Li Shufeng became a source of infection.,The probability that other patients also dyeing the tuberculosis will not be large!
Emergency chestCTThe result is very fast,About ten minutes can know the results。
Generally, special patients,In an emergency, it will emerge in the case.CT。
Otherwise it is a waste of medical resources.。
It’s patience now.。