The 3rd "Intelligent Society" peak forum was held in Tianjin

  Xinhua Net Tianjin November 21st (Hu Yanzhu, Gui Mei) On November 20 "Intelligent Society" Summit Forum.

  This session adopts "Offline entity + online video" mode, more than 100 experts across the country participated in the meeting, and revolves around the "new technology application and national governance modernization" "the development of artificial intelligence and economic and social development" Social Governance "is discussed.

  Secretary of the Party Group, Dean of the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director Chen Guangjin, president of the Chinese Society, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

Qi Fanghua puts forward, artificial intelligence research and application, not a universal show of natural science, but the two resembals of natural sciences and philosophy and social sciences, double spirals, philosophy is the high point of artificial intelligence research.

Chen Guangjin believes that in the face of great social changes, Chen Guangjin is in the face of the transformation of the philosophy and social science system, discusses the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence to economic and social fields, explores the integration development and health development in various fields of artificial intelligence and economic society.

  In the forum, Cui Jianmin, director of the Research Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the majority of socialist workers should strengthen digital research from the height of the times and the development of human society, and actively explore social development safer intelligence, national governance is more dynamic, and people’s lives are more Happy and beautiful wisdom governance.

The Chairman of the World Engineering Association, the Executive Dean of China’s New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy, Director Gongke, director of the Academic Committee of Nankai University, pointed out that intelligent society is a new social form of smart productive driving, to grasp social needs, and grasp better The people centered on social construction.

  It is reported that this "Intelligent Society" Summit Forum aims to discuss the profound changes in intelligent society supported by artificial intelligence, focusing on the issue of intelligent technology and national governance, social development, economic construction, social risks, etc., analyzing the intelligent society New trends in the field, driving intelligent society steadily moves toward high quality development. (Finish).