Communicate the concept of Chinese medicine, implement the legitimate rights and interests of military people, and promote the rejuvenation of the 10th year!

The Purren Alliance was established in July 2008, with the purpose of promoting the domestic international exchanges of the health industry with the development of the world, the development of colleagues in the world, and inheriting the National Enterprise Health Industry Association Station with Chinese Medicine Culture.

Communicate the concept of Chinese medicine, build TCM and retired military training, employment organic combination table grinding a sword, Puren Alliance has become increasingly improved from the beginning of the establishment, and the concept of unsuccessful prevention of traditional Chinese medicine is widely popular, deep plowing And pay attention to state and public students, plans to lay a thousand health service workstations in the country, spread Chinese medicine health concept, popularize Chinese medicine health knowledge.

Combined with the retired military training guidance center platform, encouragement, support for retired soldiers to participate in traditional Chinese medicine training, to ventians, employment, and practice, making every family a concept of protecting health. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of retired soldiers, build the multi-dimensional communication platform, Purren Alliance in the central office, national office, military committee, retired military division, the relevant Ministry of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc., according to the State Council issued in October 2016 " The Health China 2030 Planning Outline "," Some Opinions on Promoting Health Service "and the State Council issued by the State Council on the implementation of health China Action (Guofa [2019] No. 13)", the Office of the State Council China Action Organization Implementation and Assessment Program "and" Decommissioning Military Protection Law "related regulations and important instructions officially implemented on January 1, 2021 Retired Military Protection Law and relevant laws and regulatory publicity and education activities, strengthen the retired military security work, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of retired military people.

The Purren Alliance fully combines the strategy, important, special, vast, vision, necessary and practical development of the health industry, based on the long-term basic construction, based on the current solution, promoting the improvement of retired military service guarantees, so that the retired soldiers happiness Feel, feel, honor sense is significantly enhanced. On this basis, Purren Alliance is committed to resource integration, building multidimensional communication platforms, promoting horizontal joint, realizing all-round, multi-field development. Create seven guidance centers to promote national career rejuvenation with hard water. Under the support of the relevant departments in August 2021, on the basis of 36 professional conferences, Puren Alliance established the China Relief Military Training Entrepreneurship Guidance Center, China Health Industry Management Center, Chinese Junior Military Academic Guidance Center, China Military Ground Health Management Guidance Center, China TCM Health Management Workstation Guidance Center, China National Defense Cadre Legal Training Guidance Center, China Sannan Science and Technology Training Guidance Center, in order to create a happy, healthy living atmosphere, reflect the respect of the retired military, to promote economic and social development, Maintaining social harmony and stability, in order to strong military, strong country, and new national rejuvenation to provide corporate citizenship responsibility.