Wang Youcai walked over,Lie on the hospital bed with Wang Degui,Then he lowered his voice and said:”You have to think clearly。If you still talk like this when you leave the hospital,The people in Xiping Village will tear you apart,Didn’t you see Zhao Hong’s funeral,Spectacular and scary“

“This is the fact,What do you want me to do?”Wang Degui asked coldly。 Finance Minister Wang You took a breath and said:“After you leave the hospital,Let’s go to the village committee,Trouble him Xia Jian,Give him all the responsibility Xia Jian。Thus,Everyone will never target you again” “The bad water in your kid,Just say it clearly”Wang Degui […]

Xia Jian turned around and gently closed the office door,Lowered his voice and asked:“What happened?You can speak now”

“Chief Xia!You have to be fair。Which Manager Wang from Dongsheng Group,Which fat man,Where do I go every day**I。Talking gibberish at first,I didn’t care。I didn’t expect this person to be courageous,Actually did something to me this morning”When Huang Yuhong said this,,Flushed with anger。 Xia Jian never expected that Huang Yuhong would talk to him about it。He […]

Leo still shook his head。

“Why bother?For my family, you won’t make more than ten shots in your life,And it’s just a cutscene,You can get countless resources for such a small price,Why not?” “Leave if you have enough!”Leo was still cold and refused。 Terry Hood watched Leo so decisive,Don’t know how to speak for a while。 He sees it,Leo is […]

Thinking like this,Li Hongyan is happy,While continuing to dig in,Block the sandstone outside。

Digging like this for half an hour,“Keng”A bang,Engineer shovel hits hard rock。 Dig another angle,Again“Keng”The sound of,Can’t dig。 Look back,Space is almost there,I can allow myself to do some small movements inside。 So I cleaned up the surroundings,Kettle full,Back in the backpack,Seal the hole,Only leave a gap for ventilation,Training uniform,Hang up the headlights,Is a hidden […]

In the chaotic space of the second soul,A Taoist tree of eight thousand and four thousand feet tall,Four huge branches。

Two of the branches,The stoutness is also close to the main pole,Contains the rhythm of the two instruments and everything。 A branch,Are thinner than these two,Faintly illusory。 The last branch,But in between,And at a slow speed, it doesn’t get thicker。 And this branch,Means‘Chaos Array Road’。 “Time has accelerated 8.7 million years,Outside the past 870 years,I […]

Xia Jian has a look,Knowing that this person is playing tricks,He walked over,Smiled slightly:“it is good!Since I broke you,Let’s go to the hospital to show you”He said,I reached out and grabbed someone’s wrist,He tried harder。That guy was shocked,Got up violently。

“All right!I don’t need to go to the hospital”Scared face looking at Xia Jian,Took a long breath and said。 Zhao Youde said with a cold smile:“The hospital can not go,But you still have to go to the police station“Zhao Youde said,The two policemen facing back waved。that’s it,Scarface was taken away by the police with his […]

Lu Yi saw a row of career icons appear on the screen,Glanced,Break up、Scout、Rider、Medical soldier、Sniper、mechanic、Ammunition expert7Basic occupation……

This is in line with the Spear of Glory,Can instantly shorten the distance of old players,Deepen your favorability for new travel。 From the information revealed from the previous internal test of 100 people,Lu Yi knows“Battle of Glory”The career system in China is much more complicated than that of a generation,All kinds of、A very mysterious hidden […]

“Xu Jiahao,Today you have to tell me the truth,Who are those bullies just now??Why do they chase you so enthusiastically,He even used gang forces to take over the entire Tokyo Haneda International Airport?”

“benefactor,I.Can i not say?”Hear the question from GEODIS,Xu Jiahao lowered his head embarrassedly。 “Of course not!Since I want to take you to see Qiao Tianyu,Then I must be responsible to Qiao Tianyu!If you don’t make your own thing clear,I don’t want to bring your troubles to Qiao Tianyu!”GEODIS’ tone is firm and unquestionable。 Seeing that […]

The two sentries guarding the door stood upright,They also did not change anything,No alarm,No enemies,Nothing。

but,When the changing guard comes to the guard post,When preparing for the change of guard,But suddenly screamed like crazy。 “Comer,Come on!”Two sentries just on guard,Yelled in unison。 Almost everyone in the base rushed out,Under the blue sky,Did something happen again? Wait a closer look,Many people can’t help but take a breath,The expression on his face […]