“‘Instructor’?Just a reference,I can be near you anytime。”

‘Instructor’Turn around and leave after speaking,The door opened,Concealed again,This moment,Li Tianzhu not only saw Wu Fang,I also saw someone standing not far away‘Mane rat’And Xiao Song,And the big black cat who was just about to sneak into the door。 Li Tianzhen’s heart trembled,Want to open your mouth,But as the door closed, she lost her mind,They […]

I heard the people under the hand dare to speak.,There is still idea,Li Mei also converges some attitudes.。

What she wants can have a brain to do things for her?,As long as she works with her, she is usually slept with each other.。 “Oh? Then what do you talk about??” “Hey-hey,I remember that Jiang Gongzi has not been arrested.,He has signed a contract with those villagers.,And the content of the contract seems to […]


First0363chapter Ways to make money “Oh shit,Laozi fires a gun again,Stop playing”Wang Youcai angrily knocked down the cards on the table。 Sitting across from him is a middle-aged man in his forties,I saw him laughing and saying:“Boss Wang is a gunner,You don’t fire,Don’t these women be so anxious”The other two followed and laughed。 Wang Youcai […]

slowly,It was also reported from some shops that bought and sold Zhenpan Zhenqi,There was a master ancestor on the road for a while,He is also a madman who understands the formation。

Often studied for thousands of years,Then make some by-products to sell。 even,There are many world realms who send people to win,But he refused。 of course,In Tianqiong Eternal Realm,Even if the world is so embarrassed and angry, I dare not make trouble。 “The big formation is too powerful,Too much,Too rigid and easy to break!” “This【Smoke cloud】,Itself […]

Just got out of the elevator,Xia Jian met Tong Jie who was sweating profusely。Xia Jianchong smiled and said:“Ma Yan is taken care of,Let’s go out for a meal,Then I took you to Pingyang Town when I returned to Donglin Township”

Tong Jie was stunned and said:“Let’s go back to Pingyang Town and eat Lao Yang’s fried noodles!Anyway, it’s only past 11 o’clock,Not very hungry” Xia Jian nodded,So he took Tong Jie into his car。Small cities have the benefits of small cities,Fewer people and fewer cars。There will be traffic jams,But rare。 Xia Jian drove the car,Three […]

“It’s nothing,An insignificant person!”Chen Xiu stood up and took Zhang Lao’s hand and led him to the front hall,Even more proudly:“Zhang Lao,I have a good thing for you!”

“Your broken shop, besides a broken Xuande furnace, can also excite me,What other good things can enter my Dharma Eye!” “You know!” Chen Xiu took Zhang Lao to the front store,I brought the plum bottle and put it on the table of the Eight Immortals,Very proud to say:“Enameled plum vase in Qianlong period,Just received 700 […]

Xia Jian quickly grabbed the phone on the desk,Called the village committee of Hejiaping Village,But this time,It’s really hard to tell if anyone in the office。

Luckily the phone rang twice,Was connected,He Yonggui’s anxious voice came over the phone:“Is this Mayor Xia??“ “it’s me,I’ll listen first,Which bag of seeds must not move,You watch it now,Understand?“Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。 He Yonggui:“Ok!“Asked:”Mayor Xia!Did this matter come to fruition??Won’t it end like this?!If the villagers ask,What should i tell them?“ “Listen […]

I don’t know if it’s only a moment,Still slept for a long time,When Zhu Minglang opens his eyes again,But I found myself somehow turning towards the window。

and,You can see another small building at a glance,Windows are bright、Tulle light roll,Nan Lingsha is still sitting there,Soft body,Amazing curve,But she is not painting anymore,But teasing a very strange little creature…… That little creature,Very strange body shape,Like a clear lake,Has a green color,With a bit of gloom again,Even the eyes can pass through its crystal […]

Jingtian said calmly,He has been staying at Tier 3 for a long time now,Want to advance to level 4,The points spent are far from what he can get now,therefore,He can only sign in every day,Slowly accumulate points。

“It’s nothing more than soldiers coming to cover the water and earth,Sedum members don’t worry about it,Beware of overwork,Regret it。” Nezha looked at Jingtian funny,Casually,Whatever,There will always be a solution,lack of,Just when can I think of that way,Furthermore,Should come,Always come,Can’t stop,So it’s useless to worry。 “Do not,I’m just afraid that those paradise contractors will appear […]

Xia Chenglong, a melon-eating crowd, is drinking tea,Suddenly heard the voice turn to him。

team leader,What captain? Shuanzi and Erzhu and the others walked towards him,And seeing how everyone’s eyes are not friendly。 “thump!” Just when Xia Chenglong wondered whether to run away,Everyone knelt down on one knee,Face with fists。 “Captain Dragon,Please be worshipped by the little brother!” …… Xia Chenglong was taken aback:“Everybody,I just forget it,Brother Qi is […]