Agricultural Development Shandong Branch: Jin beleid helpt te winnen van de "turn around"

De bank ondersteund door de China Boerderij project de bouw kaart kan helpen bij het bouwen van een "innovatieve hot-bed" zaadindustrie innovatie platform is een belangrijke ondersteuning voor het slijpen, dat is een sleutel tot de kern van het concurrentievermogen van het zaad industrie te versterken. Volgens de International Seed R & D en industri?le […]

Bear is like a monkey! Bear monkey appeared Yunnan Longling

Bear monkey photographed within Longling small Montenegro Provincial Nature Reserve. Yang Rong Tingshe Baoshan People November 11 electric Recently, when Yunnan Baoshan Longling small Montenegro Provincial Nature Reserve management and protection of personnel patrolling in the protected area, take a few looks charmingly unexpected wildlife images. State Bureau of Forestry and grasslands Kunming Survey and […]

Changsha Willing Epidemic Prevention and Control Safety Network Key Area Launches Nucleic Acid Detection

After Changsha County, Yuhua District, I found a new case of new coronary pneumonia confirmed, key regions launched a nucleic acid test, relevant personnel to order the order, quickly launch emergency disposal plan – Changsha woven epidemic prevention and control safety network key area All employees, medical workers, public security police, grassroots cadres, volunteers, etc. […]

Deskundigen geloven dat: Biden’s handelsbeleid "oude gebottelde oude wijn"

Op 2 november heeft de website van Hong Kong Aziatische tijden het artikel uitgegeven het handelsbeleid van Biden is een oude fles oude wijn "op 28 oktober, de auteur is de internationale beleidsdocent Daniel Snied, Stanford University, VS. De volledige tekst is als volgt: Na de beoordeling van 9 maanden leverde de Amerikaanse handelsvertegenwoordiger Dai […]

The 7th Tid Commercial Conference visited the group of Huizhou, Guangdong

The visit group has visited the honorary chairman of the General Assembly, Huijing Huilai Chamber of Commerce, Huizhou City, the landlord, Huizhou City, famous tourist attractions, Huihu Lake, West Lake, also visited the Liao Chengzhi Memorial Hall. During the visit, he received the Huizhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, the […]

Strengthening Scenic Area Tour Management Department issued a tourist scenic spot to restore open epidemic prevention and control measures

People’s Network Beijing October 27 (Reporter Liu Jia) Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued "Tourism Scenic Spots Restored" Guide "to adhere to scientific prevention and control. In accordance with the requirements of external security input, the internal defense rebound, the open carrying capacity and reception capacity of the tourist scenic spot will be […]

The "fast, new, deep" team of Zhane County is "fast, new, deep" to preach the Civil Code

Original title: "Fast, New, Deep" preaching the Civil Code forced, and the village team of Zhane County promoted the results of the Civil Code through "fast, new, deep". In the implementation of the "fast", the village team of Zaqi County is committed to the early arrangement, early deployment, and earnestly deployed the learning preaching Civil […]

Quanzhou Procuratorate: Create the "Youth University Hall" inheriting the light of the party’s spirituality

Quanzhou City Procuratorate Innovation Building "Youth University Hall" Learning development platform, service youth party members have become talents, active organs of party build an atmosphere, promote party construction and business depth integration. In the 2021, Quanzhou City, the Quanzhou Municipal Bureau, the "Youth University Hall" project won the third prize. There is a platform to […]