Originally, it’s ready to be prepared.,But Hu Xiaotian’s change,Let Li have a riveting,A punch is in the air,Uncompromising。

Sun Yarru looked at Hu Xiaotian back,Some worry:“or,Do you want us to change a place?,I am afraid that they will come over again to find you trouble.。” Just finished this,There is a noisy voice in the middle of the dance pool.。 “sorry,sorry,I am really not intentional.。” See a scene of the center of the dance […]

Wu Lusheng thinks this is not right,Go and knock on Zhang Siwei’s room door。

“Get out of here。”Zhang Siwei roared。 “it’s me,Open the door。”Wu Lusheng lengthens the voice。 Zhang Siwei heard his mother’s voice,Just walk over and open the door,Then sit on the bed and go in a daze,Ye Jia doesn’t know what happened,Look at mom,Look at grandma again。 “You quarreled again?Why?”Wu Lusheng hugged Ye Jia。 “I want to […]

The weakest sword skill,It doesn’t make much sense to deal with the demons of seven thousand years。

“alright,Don’t blame you,It’s the flame crown golden eagle not having enough years,Of course you should pay attention next time,Even if it’s a creature whose cultivation base is not as good as yours,They also have some deadly weapons,Don’t be ironic……”I wish Minglang a helpless way。 I thought this flame crown golden eagle could practice the tacit […]

Wang Youdao still didn’t speak,But took out a piece of paper from his pocket,Lost it。Wang Youfa picked it up and took a look,See is a hand drawn map,He looked,And started the car。

After two o’clock in the afternoon,The car just entered the town of Baishui as depicted on the drawing,The brothers ate something in the small restaurant in town,Then I prepared some dry food and water,So I asked about the route,Went straight into the mountain。 Where did Wang Youfa suffer such a crime all these years?,Drove for […]

While looking at,In this situation,Wang Teng smiled。

“it does not matter,They actually do more,It’s completely useless。” “and,Even if you really make them toss,Can they really do something here??” When Wang Teng just looked at him a little bit,The more so,Actually here,For the moment,These things,What should I do,These huskies,Wang Teng already knew。 “All right,Now words,Imperative,But not to deal with these things。” “I read,I’d […]

of course,The two elders with advanced cultivation still have a way to vaguely distinguish some traces of battle and magical powers at that time,Can’t help but feel solemn,Be more careful,But the blasting expert has no such scruples,Keep climbing up and down,Measure and beat,The very quiet underground palace becomes a little noisy。

Everyone didn’t care at all,But soon I felt a slight vibration,Something seems to be moving under the ground,The vibration quickly turned into a low roar,It makes people feel like something will rush out at any time,Quite scary。 At this time, the two old men are exploring the right side of the Octagonal Star Station,The hole […]

The conditions of the city hospital are quite good,The attending doctor will go back,So he opened a bottle for Wang Degui,There are some oral medicines。

In addition, Wang Youcai agreed,Arranged acupuncture treatment for Wang Degui。A whole day in,Wang Youcai is too busy。At night,He is too tired to lift his eyelids。 Fortunately, Yao Chunni is here,She knows a little bit,Yao Chunni did some things for him。Hit this bottle,The effects work together,When Wang Degui speaks,Basically make people understand。 This is a good […]

When Wang Teng looked at these,Now,Wang Teng is very direct。

And seeing these,The more so,Actually here,Wang Teng shot directly,Quickly deal with those people around Li Qianhua。 “right now,Your people have been taken care of by me。” “You are self-determined,I’ll make you perfect?” When Wang Teng saw this,at this time,Wang Teng is very direct。 But the more so,Actually here,Wang Teng’s heart,Even more eager to try。 And […]

Tong Juan rolled her eyes and said:“Can’t go to any toilet?I don’t know how to make a pre-sale,Not launching a rocket,is this necessary?”

“I say there is,You don’t want to do,Leave me right away。Go to the toilet,Must travel with colleagues,Play a role of mutual supervision“Gu Yue said loudly。 Tong Juan saw that Gu Yue was really crazy,She didn’t dare to fight against the wind,She knew,I’m an employee of others after all,This salary is still in the hands of […]