All this happened between the electric light and flint,The quick response police officer at the door raised his gun and shot at the meat pillar,The pillar of meat seems unbearable,Swish and retract back,There was another courageous police officer who rushed into the room.,There really is a dark shadow on the ceiling,That is a humanoid monster,Limbs are firmly sucked on the ceiling like suckers,Both eyes are shining with blue fluorescence,Staring at Xiao Yadong who fell by the window。

Police officers learn lessons,Shoot the monster without hesitation,But the monster that seems to have been hit hard is still extremely flexible,Walking flat on the ceiling,Swish fast moving to avoid bullets,Extremely powerful,At this time, Lao Xiao was relieved,Also involved in shooting,Monsters are shot again and again,Black blood is constantly spilling,Suddenly roared,Pounce on Xiao Yadong。 Old Xiao’s […]

Suddenly there was applause,Suddenly awakened Chen Xiu,Look past,I saw the old sailor who was practicing boxing with the opponent just now clapping。

“Chen expert,I didn’t think you were still proficient in Tai Chi。I have been learning boxing for a long time,I have never understood the gist of boxing,But not as good as you,Can you teach me!” Chen Xiu blushed,Speaking of his own Taijiquan or just follow him now to sell,Turn around and teach him,No matter how thick-skinned […]

“5month3day,You and Jones’ assistant, Lu Ying, visited Xie Xiaoya where she was imprisoned.。This is what you want to go,Someone asked you to go?This must be remembered clearly.“The male police started questioning again。

Xia Jian wanted to say this was what he wanted to go,But he changed his mind,I think it would be better to answer truthfully。The police came to him for questioning,It’s not groundless,But they have mastered his actions。If you lie at this time,May really get yourself in trouble。 Xia Jian hesitated,I don’t know how to answer […]

In fact,I wish Minglang is ecstatic,But he didn’t want others to know that the elf was a spirit well,This thing is too special,So forcibly resisted not showing it。

Mainly this excitement and joy is a bit difficult to bear。 This seems a bit painful and weird to outsiders! “Cough,nothing,nothing,I think it’s extraordinary enough。”Zhu Minglang coughed heavily,This suppressed the desire to laugh。 “brothers,Cry if you feel uncomfortable,Why don’t i get more,Helped you。So much money,The result is such a tasteless little cute pet,Everyone wants to […]

Strong combat,All belong to the advanced guardian,in‘Captive farm’There are not many,Most of them live in temples in front of the mountain,Four puppets are enough to solve。

Before the mountain,Suddenly a streamer flew out,Go straight to the back mountain,Looks like a high-level guardian is dispatched,Li Tianzhu’s phantom soul looks down in mid-air,Everything can be seen clearly,He has been hiding his divine knowledge in the mountain today,So it has not aroused the alertness of the old evildoer and the preacher,Only in this way […]

“I wish the city lord don’t play any tricks,We have been chasing the evil star dragon for many years,It took a lot of energy and money to catch the dragon today,If we didn’t see the evil star dragon,Those of your friends are going to sacrifice to heaven!”Yan Guang said。

“Yan Guangren,There is no need to say so much,Now everyone is also a cooperative relationship。”Tu Wenhe said politely。 Tu Wenhe didn’t want to be an enemy of Zhu Minglang。 Although Zhumen forces are not in the brown earth,But if it annoys them,There will be no end to the Four Kingdoms and Westway Shenfan Academy。 Yan […]

Which big hand of his,Unceremoniously sticking in under Julan’s clothes。Julan shook her head and said:“Boss Wang!We can’t do this,You already have Yao Chunni,Don’t harm me anymore“

“I’m not harming you,But love you from the heart。No matter what today,You have to follow me“Wang Youcai is really an old man,I have unbuttoned Julan’s shirt while speaking。 Julan struggling,But her strength is very small,This makes Wang Youcai even more excited。Which of his big hands finally climbed to which peak he missed day and night。 […]

Below this photo,Edited an interesting line:“fool,This girl is fake,Just want to see how you care about me。If I get lost one day,Can you find here。One three two four nine eight”

“One three two four nine eight”Xia Jian’s brain buzzed,Isn’t this exactly six digits??Did Xiao Xiao leave the password of the lockbox here??Shouldn’t be a coincidence,Xia Jian stood up excitedly。At the same time, there is also an unspeakable uncomfortable feeling in his heart。 Deliberately,Ruthless。Xia Jian walked back and forth in the bedroom,His mood is like waves […]

“Whether it’s the Yinyue Yinglong or the Starwind Ice Dragon,It’s only about one and a half years from infancy to growth,Not only does not belong to the long-standing dragon clan,Still grows quite fast。”Zhu Minglang is holding two books at the same time,Doing some comparison,

“so,The Bingchen White Dragon with both of their bloodlines,It should take only one and a half years to reach the growth stage。” There are not many records of Bingchen Bailong,Naturally, Zhu Minglang can only analyze from its two major bloodlines.。 “In a year and a half,Nourished by spiritual realm,It only takes more than a month。” […]

Zhao Luo squinted at her,“Why is your head getting worse,What should I do if people fall behind??This is 10,000 yuan,Not one hundred!”

———— 017 Small hot pot “should……Probably not,I don’t think it’s possible,I think she is quite rich,All in the hospitalVIPsingle,Do not,Is a suite。”Xia Shuyue is a little guilty,I dare not tell Zhao Luo that she has given the invoice to others。 Zhao Luo took the phone,Looked over and over again,“Not bad,it’s beautiful,Pretty advanced,Worth thousands,Are you lucky,I […]