“Since you can’t fight her,Make trouble,Didn’t you let me wipe my butt?“Xia Jian asked again。

———— First0228chapter Riding a tiger Zhao Longlong wanted to be in Buchuan,But a powerful person from Megatron。 Although it is a legal society,He is no longer arrogant in previous years,But by Xia Jian,How can he be subdued in his heart,As the saying goes, the camel is dead,But the shelf is still there。 I saw the […]

“I can close your yin and enter the spell.,But I think you still want to look at it again.,So I didn’t ask。”Liao Wenjie smiled slightly,Said that you are very eye-catching。

“……” Wild, scorpion over white eyes,Not much to say。 Liao Wenjie is right,She does have this idea,Face in front of fear can understand fear,She wants to see the back of the world can’t escape.。 “Scorpion,You are very courageous,But there is no need,This is not your world,Believe in your own eyes,Instead I gave your eyes,Do yourself。”Liao […]

“Now Gao Boyi will not give us the opportunity.,There is no big army to organize,Attacking the side of Qi Jun,there is none left,nothing left。Only one of your hands have not been fully trained.,Originally used to protect Changan。”

Yu Wenzhen wants to tell Yu Wenxian,Now Zhou Guo’s situation,Already a policy, no Gyeonggi,陇 右、Martial arts,Fundamentally, there is no bird in Changan.。 Yu Wenxian probably thinks that these landlords have organized a strong force.,Daiqi,This will copy the miracle of the Wushen Taishayuan battle.。 Unfortunately,If this command goes down,those people,Instead, it will become a leader of […]

The most peculiar thing is,It is a black curtain hanging from the dome of the main hall,Like a pennant hanging vertically,Look around,There are probably hundreds of,There is a blurry pattern of light and shadow in the center of each pennant,Staring at everything in the hall like huge eyeballs,With Xue Qifeng’s cultivation base, it’s hard to distinguish the details。

He carefully touched one of the pennants with his spiritual sense,An instant sharp sting,Made Xue Qifeng almost shout,His consciousness is being bitten and cut,Which leads to instability,There is a huge force in the thin curtain,Seems to want to suck his soul out of the body。 After all, Xue Qifeng has a high level of cultivation,The […]

Hu Dehai waved his hand,Interrupted Zhang Qiujin again,“Maybe the way I asked is wrong,Is there any way to check the information transferred from Xiaozhai Township,Or related to statistics and filing?”

“For the record,But it’s too early to tell。” “I will trouble you,Fang is not convenient to show us?” “amount,can。”Zhang Qiujin hesitated slightly or readily agreed,After all, it’s a superior,Letter of introduction,No problem with the procedure。 He turned to turn on the computer on the desk,Enter the index interface of the archives,After some proficient operation,The list […]

Wang Youcai smiled and said:“You think too much。What can i get?All I can get is my salary”

“it is good!So much the better。you need to know,There is indeed a lot of money in this world,But even if some money is delivered to you,You’d better not even stretch out your hand,Otherwise if something happens,You regret it’s too late。You saw the two brothers Chen Jiang and Chen Feng” Wang Youdao carried his hands on […]

Continue to walk deep into the cedar forest,Gradually some old pine trees began to replace,They are vigorous and upright,Every tree needs to be surrounded by two people,I feel that these trees may be refined,Otherwise, why do those branches look terrifying?!

Big Black Teeth doesn’t know how to restrain the breath,Most monsters will avoid,Besides, those demon spirits that have lived for hundreds of years are not those stupid beasts,They are very alert,The pine forest is bigger,More birds and beasts,But it is really difficult to find them。 With the lessons learned from finding wild boars before,I wish […]

“it is good,Don’t fight this Sea Eagle Emperor for too long,It is not easy to kill it。”Han Wan nodded。

The two left quickly,They also know that facing the Sea Eagle Emperor,Their cultivation level can’t help much。 …… The Dragon King of Tiansha is really fierce,The Sea Eagle Emperor, who had been cultivated for more than 20,000 years, was beaten and wounded all over。 Besides, the Dragon King of the Devil is basically the upper […]

“Once I get rid of the shackles of opportunity,Will restore most memories except Tao,Including many magical powers、Famen etc.。”Li Ming’s tone is a bit proud:“Although the memories of those moves,with‘Tao’Hook up,Can’t recover directly。But just keeping other memories is enough for me to practice smoothly.。”

“Can make you easily become a leader?I really want this opportunity!”Xiaoyao Taoist did not understand Li Ming’s pride at all,Instead, he cares about other opportunities。 “That is to prevent Zhulong from further fetters!” “Shackles are fine,Anyway, I didn’t even reach the leader level.!”Xiaoyao Daozu’s face is helpless,“I don’t have the determination of Sanqing and Zhulong,Full […]

I’m too lazy to care about other people’s affairs。

“Yes,Big brother。” This talent just finished,The second game,Just started。 Lin Yu,See the start of the second game。 Walk slowly to the ring。 “Kid,Give you a chance,Give up now。” “otherwise,I’ll get started in a while,It’s not as simple as teaching you。” This person,For the first few times,Lin Yu is the first to win the ring every […]