Wang Degui put the passbook in his pocket,About to turn around,He couldn’t help but stop,Muttered to himself:“its not right!In Pingdu,He should find Youdao,Why did people call home??Could it be that Youdao is afraid of the money regardless of him?“

Chen Yueqin heard what Wang Degui said,She was also a little surprised:“Yes indeed!He should find Youdao first,Is it really like you said,Youdao does not care about him?If so,Wang Youdao!I’ll settle accounts with you when you come back”Chen Yueqin kicked the threshold fiercely。 Walked back and forth twice in the house,Wang Degui said that:“No matter so […]

“what,I know I guessed right,It’s you!”Luo Yun looked excited。

Fuming is even stranger“You know me?” “Hi,You don’t know yet,You are famous,The four teams of teacher Wang Yukun in charge of enrollment all know your name,You were badly injured and killed the mad fire lion!Do you know this is equivalent to a miracle?!”Luo Yun is more excited,The more you listen, the more speechless you are,Originally […]

on the car,She called the security company,Make quick arrangements for personnel in place,Around eleven noon,The security company sent two buses to bring fifty security guards downstairs to the advertising agency。

“boss Zhang,These are students from the police school,Do you see qualified?”The leader asked Zhang Siwei。 In front of the building stood a group of young people,All dressed neatly,Holding shields and sticks in both hands,Zhang Siwei nodded,“Ok,can。” “Ok,Mr. Zhang is satisfied,These equipment are newly bought,We have spent the money。” “These equipment,It won’t break,You don’t suffer。”Zhang Siwei […]

“what happened?Girlfriend’s phone?”Chen Xia smiled and asked。

Xia Jian sighed and said:“Is not,But I am really surprised,Even people like her who don’t watch the news know this,I’m afraid I can’t hide it,Need an explanation” “I think it’s not necessarily a bad thing to say something,You have to take the initiative,If you wait until someone calls you,I’m afraid it’s hard to tell”Chen Xia […]

There was joy in Chen Xiu’s heart,Thanks for the strength of the motherland,Let more and more foreigners start to learn Chinese。

“Tell brother,Where is your kitchen。”Chen Xiu did not forget to add:“Brother is not bad。” “Ok,Our teacher also said,Xia and our An Nan are friends,I believe you are not a bad person。” Children’s worldview is that simple,The little girl pointed to the right side of the house and said:“The kitchen is over there!” Chen Xiu rushed […]

“correct,Words here,Pay more attention,Mainly the news of Success Building!”

When Chu Tianxing finished,Those around,They nodded one after another。 After all, let’s not talk about other things for now,But now look,Actually this,It’s quite important。 There is nothing else to consider,At least here,these questions,Actually speaking accurately,It’s a good opportunity。 “Master said yes,This opportunity for a successful building,Really good。” “So next,Also means,Are we ready to start anytime, […]

Cao Di looked at Wang Teng like this,A little worried。

How can this be? He Caodi,But don’t want to die here。 “Do not,Do not kill me,What do you want to know,I can tell you!” With Cao Di subconsciously looking at Wang Teng,I’m talking directly here。 however,Instead, Cao Di subconsciously spoke in front of his eyes。 This moment,It completely makes Wang Teng,Didn’t feel anything。 slowly,Looking at […]

Thought of here,Hao Biao loudly urged everyone to work harder,All the little brothers can’t be idle,I can’t wait to find a sledgehammer together。But what he didn’t expect was,The other party came quickly,Especially in the northwest direction, several people have already ran to the scene。

At the forefront are two guys and a middle-aged man,The next one was actually an old lady,Shouting while running,“Don’t let these bastards……Demolish our house,you guys……The whole family is dead……Kamesun。”Sounds out of breath。 Wang Po!Li Tianchou almost called out。The two boys immediately pushed each other with the migrant workers。Because Hao Biao’s younger brother didn’t get the […]

Liekong is gorgeous,Like blood,In this canopy,But suddenly a scarlet moon appeared,Magnificent and shocking,Standing in the air,The most amazing is,Under the Scarlet Moon,But one person,As if it split the chaotic sky with a sword,Let Chiyue live!!!

The formed Chiyue Jianhong is gorgeous and tough,The fiercest wave of heavenly calamity fire could not penetrate,You can see the billowing fire like a torrent meets the rock,Can only flow from both sides。 Zhu Minglang is trembling slightly…… Even the hand holding the sword is shaking。 Every move of sword drawing,Are all betting on life,Because […]