Liao Wenjie:“……”

What do you understand?? “Mr. Liao’s skill,I want to do what I don’t need to borrow my black tiger.,But Daxie does not report,Ambitious,Please give me a chance。” “Ok,I will accept my business card.,But let’s talk about it first.,I am looking at your filial piety.,Otherwise it will not be charged。” “Thankful。” Shangshan Honglian,I saw the eyes […]


First0534chapter Catch the thief Looked at the stab wound on the wound that was not removed,Dong Yixuan feels a little scared,He asked quietly:“You just got hurt?” “A week ago!There are four guys by night,Grab money with a dagger,I was beaten away,I didn’t expect that I was also injured”Xia Jian said calmly。?Eight?One Chinese Network? ㈧.?8㈠1?Z?㈠.?COM Dong […]

“Really sorry,I really don’t know how things will develop like this,Please explain to Sister Siwei。”Xia Shuyue feels wrong,She apologized from the heart。

“Explanation?Where do I go to explain now?Blame you,Why are you playing missing?Why don’t you come out and help me explain clearly?”Ye Boping is still reprimanding Xia Shuyue loudly。 “I……”Xia Shuyue is speechless,Don’t know how to explain,Although I am at fault,It’s not all my fault, right?,But after all, Uncle divorced because of this,She can’t stimulate him […]

The provincial capital is a big city。Xia Jian came out of the hotel,I ran into a traffic jam,He has worked hard,When driving the car near the highway junction,It’s almost eleven o’clock。

It seems that I can only eat in the service area。Xia Jian who didn’t even eat breakfast,Drove the car and ran wildly。 More than seven hours later,Xia Jian appeared on the streets of Pingdu。Exhaustion,When he was about to go back to the convenient hotel,A broken jeep stood in front of him。 Xia Jian took a […]

“The night is beautiful in the river!When I left here,Only ten years old,I have been over the past twenty years.,Time is really ruthless,A blink of an eye,I am a woman, a woman.。”

time,I really changed a lot of things.,Many people have become unfortunate,Many people have also become happy。 Lei Ling looked at her distressed,Land family,He knows less。 “so,My husband is derailed,I hit by me,Turned, I will leave the wedding.,Children I also have to bring them around you.,Although I can’t give my father to love,But I can give […]

However, I can’t think of it.,Chu is a more diligent——I have heard that Chu Tai is often holding the thigh.,For this reason, I even pay more sin.,even……There are small news,Chu is going to Emei,It’s all for Zhang Zhenren.“Private matter”。

Originally, I still feel that I still feel,Zhang Zhenren can respect,But with the Chu Taixiao、Rivers and lake status,Not too attentive,Now it seems……Click one’s tongue。 I can’t think of myself just used it.“Treat the old bat and not extra”,I will give the Qiankun aneal bag to the Chu Deirers.,I feel secretly。 Look at people of people…… […]

“I’ll follow Brother Peng,He is a kind man。and also,The masters here are not simple,Good relationship with everyone is very important。”Speaking of this,Luo Jun lowered his voice,“Our Uncle Geng is a very righteous man,Two years earlier on the road, he was a big brother。”

“Oh。”Li Tianchou nodded,No wonder Uncle Geng always feels unusual,“Haven’t seen him in these two days,He opened a shop and it was a pleasure。” Luo Jun look around,Whisper:“He is busy,I’ve been here three or four times a month。Although they don’t mix with Big Brother,,But the reputation is still there。I’m here for so long,Most people never dare […]

That person didn’t dare to catch up!

He can’t beat Fang Yu! “He seems to know that we are monitoring him……” After confirming Fang Yu’s departure,The man called back。 “how is this possible……Are you looking at Fang’s pharmacy with a telescope,Never show up……It’s impossible,He still has a thousand mile?” Over the phone,A voice said impatiently。 Do such a small thing,Can’t handle it! […]

Chen Xiu couldn’t help being curious to ask the manager:“Who is this guy,How awesome is it?!”

“His name is Bei Shiguang and he is a double Ph.D. in aerodynamics and dynamics physics from Shanghai Jiaotong University.。I lost a lot of money in our casino before,Later, I practiced hard in retreat for a while,It is said that various formulas of mechanics are used on the turntable,Can accurately calculate the falling point of […]

“The following six levels of mind are only available in Kangcheng, the capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty.,you

To borrow one must go to Cannes。” The old man said he stretched his hand and asked Chen Xiu for his waist card,Said:“Give me your waist card,Deduct points for me。Borrowing the first layer of mind is 10,000 mission points,20,000 for the second layer,30,000 on the third layer。” “what!” “Ah what,There is free lunch in the […]