Finally, there is this layer of ideas.,Previously doubts all solved,only……Chu Deirers think about their own,It seems that the nature is completely changed.?

“You are……sisters?”Chu Deirers suddenly feel,I seem to have a lot of trouble.,One treatment is not good,In the future, I can only go to Wudang asking Zhang Zhen people still lack of not lacking.。 Moon,I know that the Chu Deirers should have completely recognize their identity.,So directly open mouth:“Boy,It seems that you already know……Actually my sister,I […]

Damn!So free and easy!Could it be that ethnic minorities failed。When Xia Jian was looking at these people,The bald head suddenly looked back at Xia Jian’s table,Just listen to him laughing:“I haven’t seen a few beauties all the way,So all the beauties are here!”

It’s a good thing to be praised,But this word came out of this person’s mouth, Xia Jian didn’t feel like listening。as expected,I heard a guy with yellow hair next to his bald head say:“Big brother,There should be beauty if there is wine and meat,I went to talk,Let them come over for a drink with Brother” […]

Wang Youfa looked outside the door,See no one from outside,He lowered his voice and said:“Sister!Stop thinking about work all day,I have to think about making myself a little easier。It’s not easy for you to be a woman,How about this!Brother take you to the city tonight,Let’s have fun”

“playing what?”Wang Yihua lowered her voice,Seems to ask with interest。 Wang Youfa has a play,Suddenly refreshed,He laughed:“Play this?Do anything,as long as you like it,I am with you。Money is really not a problem,You just spend it” “No way,If I can’t do my job well,Hard to explain,You better go busy with you!”Wang Yihua suddenly changed her tone […]


First2518chapter What land to plant When Xia Jian was busy with Ma Yan giving birth in the provincial capital,Wang Youcai went back to Xiping Village very freely at this time。 Hu Huiru’s Sudden Inspection,Actually gave Wang Youcai a booster,As long as the scenic forest planting base in Chenzhuang can be retained,He has no worries。 These […]

Now,In front of these people,One after another, looking towards this side。

The more so,Actually these things,It makes people feel more and more,It seems to be a headache。 As for Zhou Xinlin,Looking over here,He was furious。 “Wang Teng,Why are you so against me?” In Zhou Xinlin it looks,Actually this,original,It shouldn’t happen at all。 But now,Such a thing,It just happened directly。 Just this,In fact, it is quite straightforward.。 […]


Money-shaped luck first will copy Luzhou Third,Take the mask on his face:“asshole,When you call the name of the quarter,I will know this moment.。” “Uncle,How can you like this?,I just saved this country.!” “Come on this,It is clear that you steal the crown of the Queen.。” “咕咕 咕咕” “It is no two sons.。” Lubang IIF face,Reach […]

“With our current strength,It must be difficult to deal with the Black Shark Mercenary Corps,But we don’t need to fight them head-on,Just deal with them。”

“Make time for the other side to rescue the hostages,”Flying Wolf continued。 As soon as Flying Wolf is finished,All talents suddenly realized,This is indeed a good way。 “I think just in case,Request air support from the highest command center。” “I believe,They never dare to pick bigger things,”Leng Feng interrupted and said。 “I agree,”I just boiled […]

“This is no small matter……I have talked about it once。I haven’t brought it home before……”

Fang Yu slowly said。 “No wonder……” Jiang Wan’er thought about it,Fang Yu is also an older age。 It’s also when parents are anxious to get married! “go back,Or take a walk?” Fang Yu asked。 “Take a walk first……” Jiang Wan’er feels a little holding。 I was also angry! She wants to go home,But father asked […]

Not Waiting for Jack·Welch finished,Chen Geng took the conversation:“The entire series is developed,If it’s an American car manufacturer,About at least6year、Spend at least8Over 100 million U.S. dollars,If you switch to a Japanese car manufacturer,May need to spend less money,But it takes longer……”

Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Jack·Welch immediately turned to look at the other shareholders of the company,really,He found the answer in the faces of other shareholders:What Mr. Fernandez said is about the same。 He was about to open his mouth,But before he can speak,Just listen to my boss’s confident expression:“But these people do not […]