“Mr. Xia!You are so handsome today”A Fang said insincerely。

Xia Jian asked with a smile:“You mean I’m not handsome anymore?”Xia Jian laughed and pulled the car door and sat on it。 Afang while driving,Said with a smile:“Mr. Xia is usually a little handsome,Handsome today。But our lady treats,Mr. Xia pays so much attention to clothes,What does this show?”Afang said,But I laughed first。 Xia Jian is […]

And Zerg is different,In fact, the number of Zerg species is even smaller than that of the star behemoth。

After all, from the perspective that the intensity of blood is inversely proportional to the number of ethnic groups,It is the most common immortal of the world masters of the Twelve Pinnacle Races of the Star Behemoths, at most barely comparable to the most common bloodlines.。 But the Zerg Lord? The general immortal warlord has […]

Wind slowly,But the snowflakes get bigger and bigger,Xia Jian on the whole person,Has turned white。Xia Jian kept stomping his feet,I feel like this foot is almost frozen。

No way,No one is suffocated by urine,What’s more, I have so much money with me,Is it going to be cold to death on the street?。 Suddenly on the corner of the street,The big characters outlined by a few neon lights made Xia Jian’s eyes shine“Ziyang First Network”Isn’t this an internet cafe??This thing just started to […]

“cut!What can you mess with。This woman is obviously so angry,But you still have to install light and pure,Really want to be again*Still want to set up an archway”The old five said,Huan Chao Song Fang:“Pooh!”Spit out。

Originally uncomfortable, I became angry,Song Fang became even more angry when he was harassed by a fly。Her eyes swept across the ground,Found corners and half bricks,She walked over gently,Pick up,Smashed towards the place where Pharaoh was standing。 Old five was shocked,Scolded:”Wait for me, you girl who murdered her husband,I won’t let you go“Although the mouth […]

“Brother Hao,I’ll take you,The other two comrades are from the Tigers Special Training Camp,”Huang Xiaoding said to Qin Hao。

“Tigers Training Camp,I know this,Well-known special forces,”Qin Hao nodded。 “These two are full members,Bad temper,You be careful,”Huang Xiaoding seems to be bullied,Qin Hao secretly said。 Bully my brother,Qin Hao burst into flames。 I’m desperate outside,Someone slapped me in the face? Bully me,Isn’t this slap me in the face? Qin Hao is a brother like Huang […]


Chen Xiu shouted:“There is a cliff ahead,You can’t die if you hit it,My head is not rock hard!” Zhu Huiwei is unheard of,Instead they run faster。 At this time Chen Xiu was humped on his shoulders,Can’t break free,I had to cover my head with my hands,Thought to myself:“You are afraid of the sun,I’m not afraid;You […]

Originally planned to end at eight o’clock,I didn’t expect it to be completed at 7:30。In order to ride the fire,Xia Jian asked Accountant Chen to come up with the pre-prepared contract,Here comes an on-site office。

This can be sloppy,So after the whole thing is finished,It’s nine o’clock。At the banquet,These bosses are happy。There are only two bosses who didn’t grab the land,Xianli is extremely unhappy。 One of the bosses named She found Xia Jian,He cried and said:“President Xia!I’m fromGZCome to your northwest,It’s not easy。Now everyone has grabbed the ground,But I am […]

But how can the boy spare him?,This person should be the chief culprit of destroying the defense formation, Mu Yun,Can’t keep him,Since I couldn’t kill Dongfang Ruiqing,But it’s okay to kill another dog,At least I can see Li Tan’s most true thoughts。

The teenager’s whole body reignited a raging flame,The blazing sun behind has left the body,Flying into the air suddenly spreading around quickly,Actually blocked the broken gate,Then a series of golden fireballs flew out of it。 Mu Yun, who was already embarrassed by a fireball, suddenly saw a series of more fierce fireballs.,Uncontrollable pupil shrinking,Liver and […]

Lin Yoona heard what Lin Yaqing said,There was also a sigh in my heart。

Yes,Why hasn’t she thought about this?! in fact,Before,Xiao Fan came to discuss with her because of this issue,but,From Lin Yuna’s point of view,Even between husband and wife,Then there should be some words of thanks,Shouldn’t it be expressed?? but,If it wasn’t for Lin Yaqing, an outsider present today,and,If you even pierced this matter in person,,Maybe by […]

“Yes,I know,I’ll order to go back。”With the instructions of the elderly,Minister Huang also breathed a sigh of relief,Continue to ask:“That money……”

“Since Child Chen said it can only be used to buy periodicals、newspaper、In the magazine,Then you have to respect the opinions of Child Chen,”The old man waved his hand:“We have to believe!Without a word、People who don’t respect others,Who wants to deal with him?” According to common sense, it is impossible for the elderly to pay attention […]