China @ 四 川 | Central Ecological Environmental Protection Inspector: Sichuan Yangtze River protection repair still has a short board

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, December 13 (Reporter Kang Jinqian) No. 13, the Second Ecological Environment Protection Inspectus, announced the inspector of Sichuan Province. Inspector, Sichuan Province fully hits pollution prevention and control, building an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, collaborates to promote high-quality development of high quality development and high-level […]

Baogong Cloud Innovation Creates Digital Platform Multi-Party Collaboration Crack SME Financing Puzzle

At present, the digital economic era has come, digital technology, innovative business models continue to drive the progress of social economic forms. Under the new socio-economic ecology, financial services as an important foundation for social and economic development, need to be continuously innovative, and is being accelerated with the Dongfeng Acceleration of Financial Science and […]

Bidirectional ging samen om de stad te verdedigen met het vuurwerk, de gezondheid van mensen

Personeelsarbeiders werden verjaardagsgroeten gestuurd aan de gestrand afgesloten. Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Smeltend Courtesy Gong Renqin Media Center zei, omdat ze het paar afhaalmaaltijden niet wijzen, communautaire werknemers het initiatief nemen om elke dag contact op te nemen, om hen te helpen levensmaterialen te kopen. "Kijkend naar gemeenschapswerkers liep elke dag naar beneden om ons te […]

Cheng Chuancheng, a deputy of the Meng Chao Tumber Tumber Hospital, Shanghai University: Opening more innovative therapies for tumor patients

Professor Cheng Chijie Professor Cheng Chiji, a Shanghai University, received a visit to Xinhuanet. Xinhuanet issued Xinhuanet: Hello, Cheng Governor, please talk about the meaning of precise medical care from the perspective of clinical and patients? Cheng Chi Miao: There is a idiom called "the right medicine". In fact, we have said that the precision […]

Beijing’s first medium and low-speed magnetic float S1 line extension to Apple Garden Station

People’s Network Beijing December 14 (Li Bo) reporter learned from the first meeting of the 17th People’s Congress of Shijingshan District, Beijing, Beijing’s first low-speed magnetic floating traffic line S1 line Jinanqiao Station – Apple Park Station Carrying the "Run" trial operation, it is expected to realize the passenger opening trial operation before the end […]

13 foreign technology companies were required to set up representatives in Russia

(Observer Net News) November 22, the Russian national communication supervision agency, the 13 foreign technology companies, requested that these companies have established formal representatives (such as branches, representative offices, etc.) from January 1, 2022. Otherwise, it will face possible restrictions or comprehensive ban. According to the list, most of the company is mostly US companies, […]

Promoting all the people’s common prosperity is a long-term task (people’s forum)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "We have always firmly determined the people’s position, emphasize the eradication of poverty, improve people’s livelihood, and realize common prosperity is the essential requirements of socialism. It is an important manifestation of our party and the party and government. . "The" 14th Five-Year Plan "and the 2035 long-term target […]

The 11th round of the party committee of the autonomous region completed the work

From March 1st to 4th, the eleventh round of the 12th Autonomous Region Party Committee patrols 5 inspections in accordance with the "One Tour 2" "One Truste Three" mission arrangements, respectively entered the Autonomous Region Party Committee, prepared, and district straight work. Board, Old Cadre, Party School (Administrative College), Autonomous Region Letters and Calls Bureau, […]

Tianjin "14th Five-Year Plan" Archives Development Plan

Original title: Following six principles to strengthen the file "14th Five-Year Plan" period is the key five-year five-year five-year five-year five years that the archives work will be managed according to law. Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government agreed, the Tianjin Municipal Committee Office, the Municipal Government Office officially issued the "14th […]