But this time I was in danger,It was Hu Huiru’s ruthless trick。first,She spent a long time in Pingdu,She’s going to come here。There is another reason,Hu Huiru wants to pull out Manager Chen, who used to work in Donglin Township, for the Dongsheng Group。

Because she heard it when she came,The new female secretary of Pingdu City is called Female Bao Gong,This incident in Donglin Township,I’ll definitely investigate it through。No one is responsible,It must be hard to get through。 Xia Jian glanced at Feng Yan, who was a little pensive,Hehe smiled and said:“This won’t work,You still have important work […]

“but,Haven’t you thought about it,Since I am here to ambush you,I didn’t expect this?”

at this time,When Wang Teng’s words are finished,For the moment,It’s like a hard slap,Slapped over。 Even here,I have already expected。 But Hong Deshao,Don’t plan to retreat。 After all, just as he said before。 Such a good opportunity,If you don’t just do something right now,That’s obvious,Is not enough。 Just look at it just a little bit,The […]

Li Tianzhen waved his hand,Go away quickly,His injury has long since healed,The black unicorn also passed the most difficult period,Minimize the shape as much as possible and be led by Li Tianti,It won’t fall to the ground。

———— Chapter 940 Devil out of trouble(1) In the underground palace of Wuming Mountain,Li Xiucheng is checking the defensive formation set up before leaving,He is very weak,Many things need to be done by commanding three-eyed green toad and Jia Chou,The three major formations inside and outside have their own focus,Layers of fortification,Very tight,No damage,It shows […]

I have to take the strength of the gods to Hedong.。Go there,You can’t use your previous experience.,Still here, the battlefield is suitable for you to play。”

I don’t have to play with myself.? Zhang Wei is shocked,But he is always an inset,Gao Boyi is a savior,So he nodded:“The end will lead。I have estimated that Duan Yao should also compete with the leader.。 Is this going to play a battle??” Zhang Wei looked at everything in the land of the bears,Heart is […]

So many sons came back to celebrate their birthday,Wang Degui who drank a little wine is naturally happy,He couldn’t help laughing:“I have been the village head for the people of Xiping Village for half my life,Not bad now,The sons are quite capable,A mayor,Two entrepreneurs,Who in Xiping Village can beat ours,no!I’m afraid there is no second one in Pingyang Town”

“I’m proud of you,Let me see if Xia Zecheng’s son is a bear,He has done good deeds for the benefit of our children and grandchildren in Xiping Village,Look at the current Xiping Village,Every life is more moist“Chen Yueqin said with emotion,This is the first time she said it in her mouth。 Wang Degui looked at […]

“Alright mom!Who in Xiping Village now eats for a bite?。I’m afraid no one will come,Because people nowadays don’t worry about food and clothing”Wang Youcai can’t bear the stingy of Chen Yueqin,So he immediately interrupted her。

Chen Yueqin was originally dissatisfied with what Wang Youcai did today。Now Wang Youcai ran out to choke her again,She just caught the opportunity。 “Just can you?A three-day banquet can cost a lot of money,You can get the money?”Chen Yueqin gave Wang Youcai a blank look,Said coldly。 Wang Youcai just about to speak,Wang Degui slapped the […]

Magnolia Continent Material Plane,Outside the Dark Forest Metal Life Palace。

The deepest part of the normally dark and terrifying Dark Forest,At this moment, to a beautiful courtyard garden。 Countless flowers embellished,Countless food and wine。 A banquet is being held。 And something to celebrate,Is Beibei and his wife,Gave birth to a daughter。 In this courtyard,Eighteen square round tables are placed。 Magnolia continent,And the gods of Beirut […]

Li Tianchou looked out the window,Upset,I don’t want to talk to this guy at all。I thought that with Chen Bin、Shen Mingfang and others folded in,I’ll be cleared of my wrongdoing。I didn’t expect Xiao Yadong to be so reluctant,Really frustrating。Do you have to hold Uncle Geng??Suddenly an unknown fire burst in his heart,If Old Xiao does not end like this again,Then don’t blame me Li, who is ruthless。

Wu Fang turned his head and glanced at Li Tianchou,Smiled and said to the captain,“Let’s go to your brother’s site,Delicious and delicious。” The captain stared at Wu Fang cautiously,Obviously I don’t believe this,Because he found that Li Tianchou’s face was ugly,It seems that the relationship between Big Brother and these two people is not good。In […]

“It’s okay Mr. Xia!It’s done in a while。You should hurry back to the room!The wind is too strong tonight,Like a knife”Which of the older security guards said with a smile。

Xia Jianying asked:“Is it too cold at night??Do you want to add something to you?”Xia Jian said,Take a look at the guard room。 Suddenly a rush of heat came,Turns out there is heating in this room,I seem to be passionate。Not waiting for two security guards to speak,Xia Jian shrank and ran upstairs。 Xia Jian couldn’t […]

Zhang Cheng turned around and walked outside,Ding Keyu’s magnetic voice came from behind:“and many more。”

Zhang Cheng felt happy,think“master”There will be new tasks。 Ding Keyu’s language is much softer than before,It becomes a bit of temperature,He walked to Zhang Cheng:“after,So long,Brainstorm,To actively analyze and solve problems for me,Understand?” Finished,Patted Zhang Cheng on the shoulder。 Zhang Chengjian“master”Treat yourself so kindly,Flattered,Nodded:“What you taught is,I,In the future, I will have more brains to […]