Dare to take good work with life

  This newspaper Changsha November 17 (Reporter He Yong) On April 13th, November 16th, the newspaper reported "National Defioves Adventural Model", Huang Shi Yan, Secretary of Hunan Yanlingyuan County Party Committee, 8 years, more time to get down the poor, Leading the people of the cadres to get rid of poverty, causing enthusiastic response in Hunan.

The people of the local cadres said that they should learn Huang Shoyan to go to the mission, and have a good job of replacing the people’s heart, we will strive to win the poverty battle to ensure that the Xiakang Road does not fall.

  In the past few days, the report of Huang Shi Yan’s colleague, relatives, preached in Zhuzhou and the province.

Li Huawei, director of the Jianghua County Poverty Alleviation Office, said: "Deeply feel the feelings of Huang Shi Yan as the people of the people, never off-off, we are unable to win the whole victory!" "I impressed the deepest, Huang Shi Yan deeply The feelings of the feelings, toughness, and dare to take, good, good.

Yang Zhenghua, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of Anhua County, Yiyang City, said that Yin Zhaohui, secretary of the Yanling County Party Committee, said: "Huang Shi Yan left, but left a valuable spiritual wealth. I will take the example of Huang Shi Yan as an example, leading more than 20 Wuling people to continue to struggle, capture the full victory of poverty campaign! "Huang Shi Yan’s love is incentive." "Duan Guijian, Director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of Yongzhou City, said we must maintain its strength and contribute to the biggest force to win the poverty battle." Comrade Huang Shi Yan is worth all of our ‘poverty alleviation’.

Zhang Ji, director of the Chensi County Poverty Alleviation Office, said that we must learn the spirit of Huang Shi Yan, strive to do a good job in depletion of poverty and rural revitalization. Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Mao Tengfei said: "We must learn that he has always had a party and the party and the party Character; learn that he has always been in the heart, a public servant feeling of people; learning he has always been responsible, responsible for the dedication of the progress; learning he has always had a quite quality. "This newspaper Chongqing November 17 (Reporter Liu Xinwu) On November 17 Strong responsibility, sincerely, for the people. Recently, the Central Propaganda Department awarded the title of Mao Xiang Forest "Time Model", his touching story has caused enthusiastic response in the local area. "More than 20 years ago, Mao Xinchan led a hammer, chisel From the mountain road, now lead the villagers to get rich. This selfless dedication is the tenacity of the people, Yugong Mount Mountain is worth learning. We must do practical things for the people and achieve self-value in dedication. Zhou Yong, a residential cadres in Shizhuang Village, Wushan County, Chongqing, said, "Learn the story of Comrade Mao Xiang Lin, I can’t calmly for a long time, deeply impressed. "Song Jianfeng, the first secretary of the temple dam village in Nanchuan District, Chongqing, said that as the first secretary of the village, it learned a lot from the Mao Xianglin. At the crucial moment, he must bite the teeth, and the charge is in front of the party and the people. .

  Xie Zhiyuan, Poverty Alleviation, Pilot Cadre, Papan District, Banan District, Chongqing, said that the Xiazhuang people took off the cap and the leader of Mao Xianglin played an important role. He wants to be an example of Mao Xianglin, always thinking about the masses everywhere, so that the people live a good day.

  Xie Bangjin, Qiko, Renited Military Affairs Bureau, Chongqing, said: "Mao Xing Lin is an excellent representative of contemporary party members. We must carefully study his unreliable, hard struggle, and guide the retired soldiers to contribute to their hometown." Chongqing Fang Xu, a vice president of the Municipal Party School, said that it is important to inspire the people’s poverty alleviation and enriched, and Mao Xiang Lin and other dams do not rely on, hard work, and establish an example for us. Cui Dongzhen, Department of Philosophy, Southwest University, said that young college students should learn Mao Xiang Lin’s struggle, determined to the grassroots, integrate youth’s "small me" into the society "big me", let younon bloom in vast world .

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