Diet and stomach disease

Diet and stomach disease

The treatment of gastrointestinal disease is not only about drugs, but also diet therapy has amazing effects.

The following describes the dietary prescriptions of various gastric diseases for patients with gastric diseases to choose.
  (1) Cumin porridge: 30 grams of fried cumin and 200 grams of japonica rice.
Put the cumin in the gauze bag and pierce the mouth. Add water to the pot and cook for half an hour or 40 minutes before discarding the medicine pack. Then add washed rice and appropriate amount of water and cook until cooked.
Season with salt and MSG as needed.
  Take it sooner or later.
Spleen appetizer, Qi and pain relief.
Applicable to cold abdominal pain, chronic gastritis, anorexia, etc.
(2) Yam goat’s milk: 50 grams of yam, 500 ml of fresh goat’s milk, white sugar or honey.
Fry the yam in the pot to a yellowish color, and crush it to a fine powder. Boil the goat’s milk, add the yam powder and white sugar to mix.
1 time daily.

Yiqi Yangyin, kidney and spleen.
Applicable to food supplements for chronic gastritis and hiccups.
(3) Yushen and duck: 1 net duck (about 2000 grams), 20 grams of jade bamboo, 20 grams of ginseng, and various seasonings.
将玉竹、沙参洗净,切片,混合加水煮提取2次得玉竹、沙参浓缩汁约 40毫升;鸭 子由背部劈开,冼净,放盆内,加入盐、料酒、葱各少许Steam into the pot until it is cooked and rotten; pour raw soup, duck, yuzhu, and ginseng concentrated juice, refined salt, cooking wine, sugar, green onion, and simmer until the duck is cooked. Cut the duck into suitable pieces and arrange in the original shapeIn the dish, the original soup is hooked into juice with chicken oil and starch and served.
Eat meat and drink soup.
Nourish stomach yin deficiency.
For chronic gastritis caused by stomach yin deficiency.
  (4) Yuzhu Yam Pigeon Broth: 15 grams of Yuzhu, 20 grams of yam, 1 pure white dove, appropriate amount of refined salt and seasoning.
Cut the pigeon meat into cubes, add Yuzhu, yam, refined salt, seasoning, add 500 ml of water, simmer for 60 minutes, and then simmer the soup and meat.
Take as much as you want.
Spleen and Qi, nourish yin and thirst.
It is suitable for supplementary nutrition of chronic atrophic gastritis, and auxiliary diet therapy for qi and yin deficiency type thirst.
(5) Pleurotus ostreatus stew: 250 grams of pig meat, 250 grams of fresh pleurotus ostreatus, cooking wine, salt, spring onion, ginger slices, and raw oil.
先将猪肉洗净,入沸水锅略氽片刻;然后把肉块放入锅中加入料酒,摆上葱节,姜 片,注入清水适量,先用武火烧沸,后改用文火炖至肉熟Rotten. Pour in the oyster mushrooms and cook them to taste.
Serve with a meal.
  This product has the effects of improving human metabolism, enhancing physical fitness, preventing cancer and anti-cancer.
Suitable for chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and other diseases.
  (6) Cinnamon and rice porridge: 1-2 grams of ground cinnamon, 100 grams of japonica rice, and appropriate sugar.
First grind cinnamon into fine powder; then put the rice and sugar together in the sand, add water to cook into a gruel, and then take 1 to 2 grams of grated cinnamon, transfer to the gruel, use a gentle fire, and boil until the gruel is turned offJust fine.
Warm food on an empty stomach for breakfast and dinner.
Moderate the stomach.
Indications of chronic spleen and stomach deficiency cold gastritis.
(7) American ginseng egg soup: 30 grams of North American ginseng, 2 red-skinned eggs, moderate amount of rock sugar.
Cut the ginseng into small pieces, wash the eggs, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook together. After the water is boiled for 10 minutes, remove the eggs and shell them. Place them in the soup and cook again with rock sugar.
Take the soup warm and eat eggs.
Once a day for 1 month.
Ziyin Runzao, Shengjin cooling blood, is a commonly used food therapy for patients with atrophic chronic gastritis. (8) Peanut squid bone surface: squid bone, raw peanut kernels, fried peanut kernels 150 grams each.

Grind the above 3 ingredients together into a fine powder, stir evenly in a container for later use.

Take 3 times a day, 1 each time?
2 spoons.

Effective on the day to 7?
10 days is a course of treatment.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic, nourishing the stomach and nourishing the spleen.

Indications for gastritis, gastric ulcer.

(9) Maifanite porridge: 100 grams of Maifanite and 100 grams of rice.

First mash the maifan stone into powder, and soak it in water for half an hour, then boil it on fire, filter the juice with gauze, and remove the stones; then put the washed rice into the pot and cook it with simmering fire until the rice turns into porridge.
Take 2 times daily with breakfast and dinner.

Spleen and stomach, remove heat and dampness.

Regular serving of this porridge can treat stomach diseases, anemia and other diseases.

 (10) Bergamot: Bergamot 80 grams.

Take the fragrant bergamot into the flask each time, add an appropriate amount of water, close the stopper and connect the condensate tube; heat the flask with an alcohol stove, and inject the distillate after boiling.

2 daily?
3 times, 1 cup each time, mixed with warm, and served for about 4 days.

Liqi Shugan, Yuepi appetizer.

Applicable to chronic gastritis, nervous stomach pain, loss of appetite, indigestion and other symptoms.

  (11) Rose dew: Roses are about 40 grams.

4 a year?
In June, when the rose buds are about to open, choose those with large, thick petals, purple, bright, and strong aromas. After picking in batches, quickly dry them with low fire; when baking, spread the flowers into a thin layer, and the crownNext, wait for it to dry, then dry and dry the rest; put about 40 grams of dried roses into the flask, add an appropriate amount of water, cap the stopper, and connect the condenser; then put the flask on an alcohol stove to heatAfter boiling, distillate the distillate to obtain rose dew (ie, the distillate of rose flower).

2 daily?
Three times, about 80 ml each time, warm twice, even for about 6 days.

Nourishing the stomach and widening the chest;

It is suitable for chronic gastritis and nervous stomach pain, chest tightness and depression, nausea and vomiting.

(12) Ginger garlic vinegar: 100 grams of ginger, 100 grams of garlic, 500 grams of rice vinegar.

Ginger cleansed, sliced with garlic, soaked in rice vinegar, sealed and stored for 1 month before placing.

  Take 10 ml after meals.

Or add to the upper limit.

Stomach cold.

Applicable to chronic atrophic gastritis, stomach pain and other symptoms.

(13) Xiang Xianglu: Chen Xiangzhi is about 60 grams.

9 every year?
In October, the ripe fruits of citron are picked, sliced into thin slices and dried or dried for later use. Put about 60 grams of citron tablets into the flask, add an appropriate amount of water, cover the stopper, and then connect the condensate tube;Heat the flask and add distillate after boiling.

1 daily?
Take 2 cups twice a day for 4 days.

Li spleen appetizer.

Applicable to qi stagnation stomach pain, chronic gastritis and neuropathic stomach pain, bloating, bloating, indigestion, vomiting and hiccup.

(14) Codonopsis jujube tea: 15 grams of Codonopsis, 10 jujubes, 3 grams of peel.
Add 3 flavors of decoction soup tea.

2 times a day for 7 days as a course of treatment.

Nourish the stomach and reduce inflammation.

Indications for chronic gastritis.

 (15) Previously rice porridge with radish: 100 ml of fresh radish juice, 100 grams of previous rice.

Wash and mash the radish first, take 100 ml of juice, add 500 ml of water with the previous rice, and cook into a gruel.

Take warm morning and evening.
Shugan Qi.

Indications for gastritis due to liver and stomach stagnation.

(16) Anchovies: 1 live anchovy (about 400 grams), 3 grams of dried ginger, 3 grams of orange peel, pepper, light white, ginger, raw flour, and fine salt.

Remove the scales, gills and viscera of the catfish, wash them, put them in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil with wuhuo, and then simmer them with simmered fire until they are overripe. Scoop the fish soup for later use and eat the fish separately.The skin and pepper are ground together, and the ginger and green onion are cut into pieces. Put them in the fish soup and boil for 5 minutes. Finally, add the raw flour, and cook with fine salt.

1 daily?
2 times, 1 small bowl each time, warm and eat for 7 days.

暧 Stomach cold, warm tonic.

Applicable to chronic cold gastritis with spleen and stomach deficiency, gastric and duodenal ulcers.

 (17) Red dates and spleen cake: 1g of dried ginger, 30g of red dates, 10g of chicken internal gold, 500g of flour, 300g of white sugar, moderate amount of flour (with yeast for baking) ① Dried ginger, red dates, chicken internal goldPut it in a pot and boil it with martial arts heat, and then cook over medium heat for 20 minutes to remove residue and juice.

② Put flour, sugar, and yeast into the pot, add medicated juice, and appropriate amount of water to knead the dough.

After the dough is fermented, it is made into a cake blank.

③Put the cake blank and steam it with martial arts for 15?
Serve in 20 minutes.

Once a day for breakfast.

For spleen and stomach deficiency cold chronic gastritis.

 (18) Hawthorn walnut tea: 150 grams of walnut kernels, 200 grams of sugar, 50 grams of hawthorn.

① Soak the walnut kernels in water for 30 minutes. After washing, add a small amount of water and grind it into a thickened slurry. The finer the better, put it in the basin, and add an appropriate amount of water to mix and use (about 200 grams). ② Hawthorn waterRinse well. Hawthorn must be patted and put into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, fry it with medium heat and make it into juice. Remove the residue and leave about 1,000 grams of juice.

③ Then pour the hawthorn juice into the pot, add sugar and stir well. After it melts, slowly pour the walnuts into the pot, stir while stirring, and cook until the tea is slightly boiling.

Substitute tea.

(19) Mutton radish soup: 100 grams of mutton, 150 grams of apples, 100 grams of bowl beans, 300 grams of radishes, coriander, pepper tincture, salt, and vinegar in small amounts.

① Wash the lamb and cut it into six square cubes. Wash the parsley and cut into sections for use.

② Put the beans, apples, lamb, and ginger into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with martial arts heat, and then cook for another hour with simmering heat, then cook the radish pieces, add salt, and serve.

Dip in vinegar.

Spleen and stomach, stomach and digestion.

 (20) bonito rice porridge: 2 bonito fish, 50 grams of glutinous rice.

The catfish are mixed with glutinous rice and cooked with porridge, eaten at breakfast and dinner, and can be taken often.

Suitable for chronic gastritis.

(21) Papaya rice vinegar soup: 500 grams of papaya, 30 grams of ginger, 50 grams of rice vinegar, 50 grams of rice vinegar.

Add the above foods into the casserole, and add an appropriate amount of water to make a soup.

Take 1 dose every 2 days, and take each dose in three portions.

Suitable for chronic gastritis.
 (22) Silkworm pupae powder: take an appropriate amount of silkworm pupae, and bake ground flour.

2 times daily, 5 times each time?10gram.

With chronic gastritis, sagging stomach, can also strengthen the spleen and lungs.

 (23) First rice ginger soup: take 100 grams of the previous rice, wrap it with five or six layers of hemp paper after water immersion, burn the ash, and grind the fine powder.

Morning and evening, take 2 servings before meals and ginger water.

The heavy person can be used for 3 days.

Do not eat cold or greasy foods within 7 days after taking the medicine.

 (24) Milk quail egg drink: Take 250 ml of fresh milk, boil, add 1 quail egg, stir well, and then boil to serve.

Take it on an empty stomach every morning.

 (25) Walnut ginger soup: take an appropriate amount of dried ginger, wash and slice, add decoction.

Take an appropriate amount of walnut kernels and chew them with ginger soup.
Use sour heart and spit acid water.

 (26) Ginger orange peel soup: take ginger, orange peel each 20 grams, decoction to take juice.

Serve 3 times a day.

With chronic gastritis, stomach pain, vomiting mucus or water.

 (27) Egg rock sugar wine: Take 500 grams of rock sugar, 500 ml of rice wine, boil and add 12 eggs, stir well, and it will be served when it is browned.

Take 20 ml 3 times a day before meals.

Used to treat gastric ulcer fractures.

 (28) Three-flavored honey soup: take 25 grams of salvia, 15 grams of sandalwood, 10 grams of licorice, decoction to remove residue, add 50 ml of honey to warm.

1 time daily.
(29) Ginseng Juice Drink: Take 10 jujubes (decored), 10 grams of Codonopsis, 6 grams of Chenpi, and substitute tea with boiling water.

Once a day, 5 servings?

Can relieve liver and qi, and stomach analgesic.

 (30) Stewed pork belly with pepper: Take 15 grams of white pepper, crush, 9 grams of ginger, shred, divide into cleaned pork belly, tie with thread, and add water.

Add pork belly to the casserole and add water as needed, and simmer until cooked.

Drinking soup to eat belly, 2?
Served once every 3 days, even 3?
5 times.

For spleen deficiency, faint stomach pain, drooping stomach, thin stools, stomach and duodenal ulcers.

 (31) Beef rice porridge: Take 50 grams of beef, cook and slice into thin slices, 15 grams of yam, wash and slice, 100 grams of shiitake mushrooms, cut into strips, wash 100 grams of rice, add water to make porridge.

Add onion, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, and mix while hot.

 (32) Yangwei Powder: Take black bean flour, 1000 grams of glutinous rice flour each, and 500 grams of black sesame seeds, and stir-fry them separately.

Mix the above three flavors and store in a bottle.

3 times a day, 50 servings each?
100 grams, you can add sugar, pour into boiling water and stir.

 (33) ginger leek milk drink: take 250 grams of leek, 25 grams of ginger, wash and chopped juice.

Then boil ginger, leek juice and 250 ml of milk together.

Served twice daily, morning and evening.

If there is no milk, blend with milk powder.

Warm the stomach and strengthen the spleen, and treat chronic gastritis and debilitating gastric ulcer.
 (34) Egg shell powder: take an appropriate amount of egg shell, roast yellow, and grind to fine.

2 times a day, 1 each time?
3 grams.

It can nourish the stomach and sour the stomach, and treat stomach discomfort caused by acid swallowing and vomiting.

 (35) Betel nut porridge: Will betel nut 10?
15 grams of decoction with 50 grams of previous rice?
100 grams of congee.

Day service 1?
2 times.

Not easy to eat long.

Use to cure damp yin stagnation gastritis.

 (36) Mutton yam porridge: Take 300 grams of mutton, chop into mud, 500 grams of yam, and grind the porridge with 150 grams of rice.

After the porridge is finished, add ginger juice, salt, MSG, and take it while serving.

For spleen and stomach deficiency cold stomach pain.

 (37) 15 grams of galangal grind, add 2000 ml of water to fry to 1500 ml, filter the residue, use the previous 100 grams to pour into the cooked ginger porridge, and eat it often.

It is suitable for those who suffer from epigastric pain, fullness after eating, belching, thin stools, and pale tongue.

 (38) 30 grams of cornel root or 6 grams of dried fruit, appropriate amount of onion white, boiled porridge with previous rice, put cornel and onion white when cooked, also suitable for the above-mentioned spleen and stomach deficiency cold gastritis.

 (39) 30 grams of Zhishi, Chinese yam, Codonopsis, Atractylodes sibirica, Indica rice kernel, white lentils, Poria, lotus meat and previous rice, cooked into Babao porridge.
Suitable for chronic gastritis with epigastric pain, fatigue, weakness, dry mouth, red tongue and little fur.

 (40) 30 grams of Codonopsis, 10 jujubes, 3 grams of Chenpi, decoction for tea, often supplemented, suitable for epigastric pain, fullness and discomfort, frequent belching, pantothenic acid, thin white furry gastrotitis.
 (41) Fried lentils, codonopsis, jade bamboo, hawthorn, and ebony 30 grams each, add water to fry until the lentils are cooked through, add appropriate sugar instead, especially for chronic atrophic gastritis.

  The vomiting diet side loses stomach and lowers the qi, and the qi is upside down, forcing the contents of the stomach to vomit from the mouth, which is called vomiting.

  Vomiting food therapy is optional: Ume 12 grams, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Fry the ume and rock sugar together and substitute for tea.

Efficacy: and stomach and spleen.

  10 grams of fresh ginger and 30 grams of caramel.

Put fresh ginger and caramel in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Serve several times a day.

Efficacy: expelling cold and vomiting.

  1 tablespoon of ginger juice and 2 tablespoons of honey.

Ginger juice, honey, such as 3 tablespoons of boiling water, take once after steaming.

Efficacy: and stomach vomiting.

  100 grams of white radish leaves.

The leaves are smashed for juice, and the offspring tea is washed with boiling water.

 Efficacy: Spleen and stomach.

  15 grams of orange peel, previously 100 grams of rice, moderate sugar.

The orange peel was washed, dried and ground into fine powder.

Cook the porridge with the washed rice. When the porridge is ready, put the ground orange peel into the porridge, cook for a while, and then add sugar to serve.

Effect: Regulating Qi and Middle.