There is a sentence called Tianshi and。Yangzhou is in front of the junction of North Qi and Nan Chen,River,It is an unpleasant waterway land transportation hub.,This is the land。

The relationship between the two countries is in the stable period,This is the day。
This is the key to doing business。
As in people and,That is, the Gao Bo Yi suggested that the rivers and futures exchanges established here.。
Ancient calls,no mobile phone,No plane train,Traffic is limited,Therefore, the so-called“Declaration”。A lot of trails,Nothing,Is the information poor by this point,Come to make black heart money。
The establishment of the futures exchange,Put this information is wiped.。at the very beginning,Is there a warehouse here,Can list the price,Put all things transparent。
So later, it has become a system.。North Qi Guanfu,Two Huai area bulk cargo transactions,Must signed a contract in Nanhe Boss,As for how to send,That is your own things on both sides.!
This process is,Official government,It also guarantees the effectiveness of the contract。
certainly,Before,Everyone doesn’t care about this tax.,Because trading elsewhere,The key information is not guaranteed,It is very likely to eat dark loss。
However,Nowadays, many Huainan Restaurants have been drums.,Wings hard,I want to have the benefits of the North Qi Zhongyuan。At this time,They suddenly discovered,Futures exchange,Not only is it convenient,Also give them a shackle!
Want to sell food to grain,Can not be private,Must come here to sign up,Then being controlled by the government。If private transaction,Be caught,Trading goods will be confiscated,There is also a big fine of a fine waiting for you.。
certainly,You can also play yin yang contract,As long as you are not caught。
Because there is this“seal”exist,Gao Bao will let Zheng Minmin have Huainan, Zheng Yuande.,In the futures exchange,Fighting with those Huainan Shijia!
Some people like to manage the market,Then use the market’s way,To solve these people!
“rest assured,everything,Gao Zhaoxuan has been arranged.。”
Zheng Minmin suddenly calmly said a sentence。
“We have no inch iron,You tell me that I haven’t played a chicken.。”
Zheng Yuande said that he said。
“We are not fighting with others。never mind,I tell you,你第一步要去做什么事情吧。”
“去找跟郑氏相熟的世家,然后跟他们那边能说得上话的人说,今年他们要收割的麦子,我们都要了。这些钱是定金,你让他们Sign a contract,说将所有的麦子卖给我们。
郑元德觉得郑敏敏真是脑子不正常了!You know what you are doing.!
“First contract,It is what we use to call the wind.,As for the second copy,You just want to call the wild dog,Lose the root bone。”
签一份合约,Say to deliver food to them,You can get this good thing to get a lot of short-term cotton cloth.,Does anyone do not do??