Collision fitness

Collision fitness

In the morning exercise crowd in the park, it is often seen that someone chooses a strong wooden post or opening and collides with it with various parts of the body.

During the collision, the muscles, skin, bones, and internal organs are shocked and shaken, which is equivalent to a gentle massage, which can make the body strong and fit.

  The specific methods are as follows: It is better to choose a wooden stake during the initial exercise, and you can wrap the cloth tape to make it softer and prevent head injuries.

After practicing for a long time, you can remove the tape or choose a method to practice.

  (1) Extending in the face of a wooden stake, a distance of 16?
About 33 centimeters, feet touch the ground, feet separated, stay slightly bent.

First use the shoulders to collide, and then take turns from the back, chest, abdomen, ribs, lumbosacral, etc. to the stakes in turn.

Keep your body relaxed, feel calm and natural, and breathe evenly. Don’t hold your breath when you collide.

  (2) Facing the stake itself, keep your feet apart and shoulder width, and your knees slightly bent.

The upper arms, elbows, forearms, palms, and backs of the hands are collided in turns, and the body is exchanged bilaterally.

  (3) After facing the front of the stake, use the front, back, side, and calf of the thigh to collide with each other in turns, so that all parts of the whole body collide with each other.

Back, legs and other muscular areas can be used slightly.

Properly applied this method can strengthen muscles and strengthen bones, enhance the body’s resistance to impact, and strengthen blood circulation and visceral functions throughout the body.

In addition to exhaling during a collision, it can best cooperate with spit.