“Cemetery of the gods,Is the biggest secret of our Magnolia mainland,But there are still a lot of Sanctuary powerhouses that you know,At least nearly a hundred sanctuary powerhouses have entered the entire continent。”

“The tomb of the gods is said to be a cemetery,But in the eyes of the old man,It’s actually the same place as the Colosseum!” “Colosseum?!”Baruch was a little surprised。 “Yes,Is the Colosseum,Those of us who entered the sanctuary of the cemetery of the gods,Like those gladiators who made fun of the nobility!” “I once […]

“So when we search for mountains,Find a place with many vines at night,There should be gains。”Zhu Minglang said。

“I wish you a quick mind。”Brother Jin nodded and said yes,There are also some changes in Zhu Minglang’s attitude。 “These travelers who died in the inn,They have been bitten by scramble,And there are very few survivors,Lianchengzhu,Can you check the inns that were attacked for us?,Especially near the post,The location of the first inn is important,There […]

“But the words are coming back.,Zhuang Zhou Mengde,I am not allowed to dream now.,Just don’t know。”

Liao Wenjie,Nothing is too lazy to think too much,Waving a tree branch opens the grass,Climb on the tree from time to time,Targeting a direction of death。 Zeng Dream,Take a look at the bustling of the world,Because girlfriends too much,I don’t know who is good.,So canceling the plan。 Today is a great http://www.calmbuy.cn opportunity,Should be good […]

“good,Li Shijie,Did you go to the second?,I am afraid that there http://www.yindasmf.cn will be more difficult.,Be careful。”

“I know。” Li Shi interrupted communication,Brow it,Standing on the stage。 I saw that the blood fog in front has dropped to the ground.。 Blood mist,Silent,It seems that there is always a peerless big devil.。 “not good!” Li Shi is dark,Rushing your body, follow yourself,“I must be dangerous,quick!” Now,The two will raise speed to the ultimate,Two […]

A Cang Lao’s voice came from the darkness。Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,The youngest who was holding his wrist tightly also released his hand at this moment,I feel like she took out a gun from her waist,Then put both hands up and point to the front。

“Old ghost!Don’t pretend to be a fool。It’s not the first time everyone has traded,Come out http://www.cwyp8888.cn quickly!Behind us is very clean” Boss laughed,He said with a big laugh。 “Be careful。The whole world wants me,You say i’m not careful?” With sound,Suddenly,Four or five shadows appeared in the small courtyard。 The boss said with a smile:“Let them […]

But unfortunately,Other party is not at ease,I don’t even have a twitching strategy to drag the summer.。

“Boss,Are you really going to see??” “Do not go。” Thunderous road,“Then I am here.……” Summer laughing,“Since they don’t feel relieved,Then I will give them a fixed pill.,Say,What is going on?。” “Phone is not clear,wait for me,I will pick you up……” “it is good。” Interrupt phone,Summer meditation,Exchange overalls,ready to off work。 But just at this time,I […]

Survival is very strong!

Soap,Gao Yang can’t hurt it.。 Northern Dynasty Survival Record NS78chapter Decisive battle three(Long Wang’s wild look) Changguang Wang Gao Zhan is located in the north of Zhannan City,With Maxima。Nearby is not the official person,That is a government agency,It can be described as a task,Shutless Bing Ding。 Inner Hall of Changguang Wangfu,Gao Zhan sat two beautiful […]


The old monster is a deep smile.,Repeatedly:“This place is probably more secure than you think.!” Star refreshs and smells:“How to say?” 槐 便 离 离 离:“You may not know,This is small” “What is it???” “Don’t fight!”槐 道 道,go on,“The young man who is growing is actually the first Tianshi born in this era.,Worth with Ming […]