Wuli Road,Basically, it’s not a distance to a skilled magician,Li Tianzhen immediately summoned three war puppets and two gods,Enclose in five directions,One of them is Fire Phoenix,The other is a wild ancient beast who is good at hiding,From heaven、underground、The land around ten miles is tightly sealed。

And Qi Yun’s stimulating vitality,Temporarily took over all of Sheng Guangda’s perception,So Sheng Guangda jumped up suddenly,Sprint,Go straight to the goal。 The first to find Kampot was the Fire http://www.nanninglianlv.cn Phoenix,Li Tianzhen saw the phoenix in mid-air suddenly turned into a fierce burning flame and quickly fell to the ground.,Bang,The earth shakes,Immediately after Guanghua Dasheng,There […]

Because it is serious,Yuan Chenzi and others want Yang Wei to send the Oath,The content of the oath is not a prostitute.、I have any maliciousness of harm to the Yuxi Palace。

Yang Wei。 As a result,They put a lot of heart http://www.sphhjt.cn on Yang Hao。 I have to observe it carefully.。 Waiting for Yang Hao,Four people don’t want him to worship,Just say he is already the Kunlun Mountain Jade。 Yang Hao can also be claimed to be Yuxi Yang.。 “You cultivate nine turn,Consumption,I will follow the […]

But the summer is not moving。

He is very clear,Whether it is the first world is the fastest,Still this hit the world’s heaviest,The other party is much better than itself。 This strong,Not aspects of strength and speed。 But the understanding of these two major killers。 More pure and vast,More and more。 That feeling like……Just like the other party is the two […]

“Be a sufficient rest before fighting,Good mentality,Interfere with other female gods preparation,Is to accept the punishment。”Bronia read the combat regulations on one side。

“Know it,Know it!” I said on my mouth.,Qi Yanna is still so loud。 Bud clothes in Qi Ya,Looking at other students sorry:“Excuse me,Qi Yaa is too nervous.。” “it’s OK,Let’s also,The heart is still jumping.。”The good girls playing with Terry said they are actually as nervous.。 After entering the http://www.hbzzf.cn San Fufa School,In addition to the […]

Just suffering,Rui Rui guess their car although the top,But far from the explosion center,In addition, their windows of their cars should be open.,So I can’t escape the car very quickly.。

“Temple and Shanling Consul General?” “have not Get it yet!” “This is another group of killing actions.,We have failed again.!”Zhuneng Yunzi said with a heartbeat, “Our mission is to ensure the smooth manager of the conference,The security of the Tseung Kwanji is responsible for the wine well.!Cloud,Hurry and save people.。”Rui Rui said that it is […]

Zhou Zhi frowned,Sneese ears——

“Li Reporting, this granddaughter is to do it.,have a look,I have brought some students back.!” “That’s not?!I have some students to come back every year.,Not a crop is playing the valley、Shine!” “……” Zhou Zongsheng tone。 It turns out that bad words……and many more! Um? At this http://www.ffsos.cn time, Nan Ge has led people into the […]

“If I really become a monster,Please kill me, please,I don’t want to hurt my parents and people in the village.。”

Heard this sentence,Han Jiangyan squatted on the big tree next to。 Not a holy margin,Anyway, he has a system,Back to Santa Feria School Give Joyce Division,Good feeling60It is also the same to get a resettlement earlier.! “Han Han Dado。” See Hanjiang’s reaction,Xiao Yun is afraid of two steps。 Xiao Yun is silent for a second,It […]

A aunt came in。

Zhouzhi pressed the door button。 “Ding~~” Elevator door,Continue to down。 And in front of the previous second,Nano returned to the elevator door,Zhou saw her wide eyes,The face is first forced and ashamed,Quick transfer to him not only come together with himself、Not only don’t remind yourself, you are still surprised.,Even the fist to threaten him,He returned […]

Oujing is answering the phone,Suddenly I saw that Mu Zi’s honing wind fire came out,He asked if he hangs.:“Where are you going?Legal changing procedures,I have to do it today.,Go ahead!”

Mu Ziyi stopped the footsteps,Looking at the Spring Breeze,Smile:“This matter you go to the Legistence Department,starting today,I have a holiday for three days.,Go chasing my wife! Don’t call me if you do something,I will be very busy in these three days.!” Mu Zi said,Go to the elevator。 Ou Jingzhen looked at his pleasure,Keep eyebrow。 The […]