“what happened to you?”

Seeing Hanjiang in a pensive,Schulous coat。 Han Jiang used to lick your eyes,Looking at the bud dress white beautiful face,Stretch your brain。 “What are you doing?。”The buds shook their heads to Hanjiang’s palm。 Qi Yani grabbed the arm of the bud,Tiger looks at Hanjiang threat:“Bud is my,what are you going to do?” “Ding,Bud clothes good […]

Just a blink of an eye。

Middle-aged people stand quietly across summer。 He has a horrible wound, His face is surging the fear of difficult to contain,“Sanctuary……You actually touched the sacred,Nine 阳 荡 魔……This is the real Jiuyang Magic,You,You really……” Bombard! Not finished,His whole person has fallen out,And then on the ground,A blood shot when it is empty。 But he did […]