Zegnik effect

Zegnik effect Zeignik hit the subjects to do 20 designated jobs, half of the jobs were allowed to be completed, half of the jobs were blocked in the middle and not completed. There were a total of 32 participants. The results of the experiment revealed that the memories of the completed work were consecutive to […]

Why expectant mothers are stupid

Why expectant mothers are “stupid” Many expectant mothers have amnesia during pregnancy, such as forgetting the phone number, forgetting where to speak after being interrupted, and not knowing what to buy after going to the supermarket, but want to turn on the air conditioner of the TV remote control, etc. Many expectant mothers think that […]

Diet conditioning 9 sub-health states

Diet conditioning 9 sub-health states The accelerated pace of life in modern society makes people face sub-health threats such as overburden, brain fatigue, exhaustion and bad temper. When these phenomena occur, you do not prevent the use of symptomatic diet conditioning, which has been an unexpected alternative.   1. Insomnia, irritability and forgetfulness: Eat more foods […]