Xu Huailong shook his head,Extremely gloomy,He has an instinctive instinct,Zhu is not so easy to rush over,The door to the starry sky is wrong!Something wrong。

really,Just when Zhu Jian led the crowd to rush to the door of the starry sky,Sudden change。 From above the star gate,Suddenly poked out a giant head。 Damn it!That turned out to be the head of a giant dragon,Open mouth,A dragon flame blows down,Burned down four of the Zhu’s fighters on the spot。 Fortunately, Zhu […]

Xiao Fan listened,I just picked up the bowl and drank the leftover porridge.,Then he said quickly:“Is not,Is not,I’m done too,Wait for me!”

———— Chapter Three Seventy Three Speculate Xiao Fan pulled a tissue,He wiped his mouth and said to Liu Chunlan:“mom,Then you eat slowly,The two of us went to work!” Liu Chunlan knows why Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan eat so fast,So anxious to go,But this,Liu Chunlan has no other ideas。 Because if you can,Liu Chunlan wants […]

“Ding Ruoyan,I heard that the big American boss is going to visit your house,Is it true??”On the way from school in the afternoon,Meng Xiaomiao took Ding Ruoyan’s arm,Blinking big eyes,Asked enthusiastically。

Meng Xiaomiao and Ding Ruoyan not only live in the same building,And the two have been classmates since kindergarten, “How did you know?”Ding Ruoyan was a little surprised,What mom said to herself this morning,I told myself to go home quickly after school in the afternoon,Don’t play crazy outside,Why Xiao Miao already knew? “Damn,Who doesn’t know […]

A little bit last,There is only a little bit of guts left in my stomach,In the usual time to sneeze,Now it’s so long。

Mr. Bai is also watching the scene,As a last resort, he will expose his existence in advance。 ***Ten meters away from Xia Chenglong,Still dragging Ah Quan’s body behind,His eyebrows are tight,Poked hands in sleeves。 I meditate because I don’t understand why so many people work for it,This kind of natural kingship is indeed moving。 But […]

“That is not bad,Since it’s all decided,Don’t think about the unhappy,Use this year,Take good care of your body,Relax。

Do your job,Usually have a holiday,Still waiting for the call,Can’t play well,Rest is not good,Take advantage of this opportunity,Give yourself a good rest,Also pretty good。”Qin Feng said with a smile。 “Yes,I don’t want to be easy now,And you don’t have to worry about doing anything in the future,Take off that uniform,I’m just an ordinary person。 […]

Lean forward slightly,Xiang Chen looked at Li Zhaoxing,The smile on my face blooms slowly。

“Things after death,not my business,Is it a whole body or a divided body,It all depends on your mood。but,I still have an immature question,That is,Can you kill me?” If one doesn’t understand what arrogance is,Seeing Xiang Chen now is the best interpretation。 Xiang Chen’s voice falls,Not waiting for Li to bear the opening,A middle-aged bodyguard beside […]

A hurried farewell at Longmai Mountain in the North Sea,I haven’t seen each other for half a year。

Originally, Xia Chenglong was still thinking about who could shake this group“Monsters”,If it is Yue Wuhen, there is nothing to say。 In Zhongyu, who doesn’t know the name of Yue Wuhen, the disciple of Shouyue Pavilion,Strength and prestige go hand in hand,The leader of the younger generation of Shouyue Pavilion。 “Your Excellency can come without […]

World famous statue,Basically from greece,Like the famous folding Venus,Is the work of ancient Greece。From the first day the statue was discovered,It is recognized as the most beautiful statue of women in Greece so far,And it is also the treasure of the three major town halls of the Louvre。

Ancient west,Roman culture and Greek culture,Almost all the essence of Europe。Britain in front of others,Can’t lift his head at all。When people play art,The UK is estimated to be hunting in animal leather pants。 “Such as this sculpture,Is everyone familiar?It’s Apollo,It is also a high imitation。 Apollo is the god of Greece,Everyone should know this? But […]

Yangliu is not ordinary smart,Mother-in-law has been a natural enemy since ancient times,Although Huo’s family is upright,There is no disharmony between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law,but,There is nothing wrong with the elderly wanting children,She can’t make a red face the first time she visits。

What can I say to my husband?,Everything is up to him,She wouldn’t choke with her elders。 Gentle and generous girl,Speak openly,Sweet smile,Welcome everywhere,Huo’s parents knew Yang Liu was smart and sensible,Saw with my own eyes this time,I feel that it is correct not to object。 Rice is ready,They fought at the table,Talk while eating。 Yun […]

It’s Liu Daliang,After getting in the car, I called Zhong Congjun again:“Comrade Congjun,I have something to report to you。”

He thinks such a big thing,Shouldn’t just carry it by yourself。 “Comrade Daliang,what’s up?”When I heard Liu Daliang talk to himself in such a serious tone,Zhong Congjun felt that things might not be so good。 “That’s it,”Liu Daliang said to Zhong Congjun:“Comrade Chen Xiaoshan just called me to learn about the survey of the geological […]