Aunt Liu’s car is a very niche brand,Luxury car brand Alpha from Italy?Romeo。

This brand has never been focused on the Chinese mainland market,It is indeed a limited edition,99Entered the Chinese market briefly and then retired,until2017Re-entered around years,As a result, a whole department was developed in less than a year6.5Big news about discount sales。 Lu Menglin also knew something about this car brand at that time,Of course he […]

When the news of Tie Qin Kingdom spread throughout the chaotic circle,The human world is completely boiling,Hundreds of millions of people have never had such a desire for unity,They hope that the six-nation regime can respond to the call of Tieqin,Honoring Master Wuhao as Emperor,End the hundreds of years of chaos,Become a unified human empire。

Not only chaos circle,Thousands of tribes in the outer hunting ring,Have also expressed opinions,Openly choose to support Lord Wu Hao as Human Emperor。 Because Lord Wu Hao came from a hunting ring,Itself is the representative of the hunting circle,And under his rule,The people in the hunting ring are extra tolerant,Almost all the masters in the […]

Xiao Fan didn’t expect their speed to be so fast,What a long time,They have come to the front of the last level,But this number is much higher than Xiao Fan expected。

It seems that my level settings are still somewhat problematic。 In fact,If outsiders know that the other party has sent a total of about a thousand killers to attack their villa,And when it reaches the fourth level,But there are only less than 20 people left,Xiao Fan considers a lot of words,The opponent’s leader probably doesn’t […]

Of course Ding Haijun knew that Nikolayevich was upset,No one will be happy with this kind of thing,But no way,The scalpel incident over the Barents Sea was manipulated,The new Soviet heavy fighter……Such important information,He does not go back and personally report to the leader,Is it necessary to use Soviet international long-distance routes and domestic reporting??Not afraid of eavesdropping by the Soviets?

“This is really no way,The leader asked me to go back immediately,”Ding Haijun again apologized and explained to Nikolayevich:“But it doesn’t take too long,About five days。” Five days,It takes two days to come and go,In other words,It takes three days to go back to deal with official duties this time。 Nikolaevich is a bit depressed,Can […]

I didn’t mean to hurt him,Just the opposite,I admire this brave old man。Although he can’t beat me,But still let me see the courage brought by practicing martial arts。

but,Courage is not enough,Real strength!Muay Thai practice after my own improvement,Not only does little harm to the body,But also has a strong combat power。 My disciple Xu Xiaohu only practiced for half a year,You have seen results!He can defeat most martial arts masters,This is the martial arts I want to promote on Hong Kong Island,Hope […]

Others don’t care,Ye Chi is his worst enemy,Because he is very familiar with the opponent’s strength?

“Don’t you always pursue a fair environment?,how,I like this way of fighting now?”Xia Chenglong showed disdain,Say casually。 “Xia Chenglong,This kind of no-nutrition stimulating method works for me?”Ye Chi snorted coldly,“It’s too easy to kill you,So I want to see you being tortured by others,Oh,rest assured,You will die in my hands in the end。” Others say […]

This black lake is really strange,Getting closer,The more distracting,Even Lu Menglin could hardly suppress the killing intent in his heart,Take a closer look,Good guy,Even the Dragon Battlefield is not right。

I saw the red eyes of the Dragon Battlefield,As if ready to do something with people anytime, anywhere。 But Tu Shanming has straight eyes,Confused,His eyes are as pure as a child。 Lu Menglin looked at something wrong,Flick your fingertips,Shoots two light lines energy,Instantly sink into the two of them。 “Great!I almost said!”Long Zhanye was shocked,Wake […]

at the moment,Everyone is more concerned about,Or how much chicken oil is in this material。

Cao Lao and Hua Shixiong look towards Populus,All a bit weird,This young man,It feels a bit unfathomable,I can’t see through。 Young,Have this vision,The future is limitless! Anyway, Hua Shixiong has never seen a young man more stunning than Populus,Definitely the best of the younger generation in the industry。 Just say,No one is optimistic about a […]

Secretary Dong, who was immersed in the case file, raised his head,Criticize unceremoniously,“You men,Spent a few years abroad,Net learn some dross back,my country has a long history of tea,Not only refreshing,Health,It also has detoxification and anti-inflammatory effects,Don’t drink such good things,I want to work, Secretary Yang to make coffee,I don’t know Lianxiangxiyu at all。”

Secretary Dong scolded them,Turning his head to smile at the willow,“So what,Secretary Yang,These brothers are delicious and lazy,Used to win people’s hearts,Don’t be corrupted by them。I’ll just make my own coffee in the future,We live in the same direction,I’ll take you back from get off work,Lest you wind and sun,That’s it。” Secretary Shi, they are […]