Qiao Tianyu stood up immediately upon hearing this,Looking at Palizovsky in disbelief! “Yes,Lily!”Palizovsky followed and stood up,Pulling Qiao Tianyu back on the sofa。 “It is clear,That girl should have been sent by Junji Sato to join Jordaan,But I can’t figure it out,Rubin is the person I trust most,I still have a large amount of overseas […]

Lin Yoona heard what Lin Yaqing said,There was also a sigh in my heart。

Yes,Why hasn’t she thought about this?! in fact,Before,Xiao Fan came to discuss with her because of this issue,but,From Lin Yuna’s point of view,Even between husband and wife,Then there should be some words of thanks,Shouldn’t it be expressed?? but,If it wasn’t for Lin Yaqing, an outsider present today,and,If you even pierced this matter in person,,Maybe by […]

Xia Chenglong walked over,Bend down gently to thank,to be frank,For this kind of pure person who has struggled for a lifetime,Still respect。

“Please also inform the lord,Why is Xiaotianjian’s hostility so heavy?” This question has always been what he wanted to know。 Talking about this,The old city owner seems to recall a lot of past events。 “Hey,This is actually a mistake of mine,Sir, you know what the sword itself is made of?” “Don’t know!” Old City Lord […]

“Xu Jiahao,Today you have to tell me the truth,Who are those bullies just now??Why do they chase you so enthusiastically,He even used gang forces to take over the entire Tokyo Haneda International Airport?”

“benefactor,I.Can i not say?”Hear the question from GEODIS,Xu Jiahao lowered his head embarrassedly。 “Of course not!Since I want to take you to see Qiao Tianyu,Then I must be responsible to Qiao Tianyu!If you don’t make your own thing clear,I don’t want to bring your troubles to Qiao Tianyu!”GEODIS’ tone is firm and unquestionable。 Seeing that […]

A huge monster from bottom to top,Lift off slowly,The shadow it creates,Not only easily covers the light above the heads of three people,And it gives people a terrible coercion that covers the sky and the sun。

If Lu Menglin is here,He will recognize without hesitation,This is a dark dragon leader。 Its figure is as high as four stories,It’s more than five heavy trucks put together so big,With heavy armor,There is a pair of giant wings behind,That’s meat wings similar to bats,But shimmering with a metallic luster,Like a demon knight crawling out […]

“Yes,I know,I’ll order to go back。”With the instructions of the elderly,Minister Huang also breathed a sigh of relief,Continue to ask:“That money……”

“Since Child Chen said it can only be used to buy periodicals、newspaper、In the magazine,Then you have to respect the opinions of Child Chen,”The old man waved his hand:“We have to believe!Without a word、People who don’t respect others,Who wants to deal with him?” According to common sense, it is impossible for the elderly to pay attention […]

Jingtian said calmly,He has been staying at Tier 3 for a long time now,Want to advance to level 4,The points spent are far from what he can get now,therefore,He can only sign in every day,Slowly accumulate points。

“It’s nothing more than soldiers coming to cover the water and earth,Sedum members don’t worry about it,Beware of overwork,Regret it。” Nezha looked at Jingtian funny,Casually,Whatever,There will always be a solution,lack of,Just when can I think of that way,Furthermore,Should come,Always come,Can’t stop,So it’s useless to worry。 “Do not,I’m just afraid that those paradise contractors will appear […]

The representative of the Black Valley Guard is a dark-skinned man,Tall and mighty,It exudes a strong momentum as soon as it enters the venue,

It seems to be provocative, but it is forced on many people。 All the young people in the house are under this overbearing momentum,Face changed,This person is absolutely powerful! Look around,Only four people did not respond。 Wangu Representative Su Can,Jianggu Representative Wu Lang,Moon star represents Sun Xiangtian and Qin Feng who is ignored by many […]

Have a headache,But it doesn’t matter,Can drink with my brother,What do you want from your husband??

“Evincent,Find out his position,I’ll just get it for you,I still think about where to eat at night!” Shan put his arms around Zhu Ziqing’s shoulders,Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers,Shan You’s tone is very confident。 “Do it after drinking alcohol,Today we don’t care about getting drunk or going!” Ding Sheng said with a smile,After […]

Lu Menglin is right,There are two kinds of friendship in the world,One is the friend of gentlemen who don’t talk about interests,Just get along,Just be happy,There is also mutual support,Integrity is strong,There is no problem in either state。

Friend to friend,The maintenance of friendship requires mutual contribution,If it is always a single aspect,Then this friendship cannot last。 “but,Let Xueba work hard,Is it too aggressive!”Lu Menglin chuckled。 Liu Taosheng hasn’t reacted yet,Zhu Xiaoguang has already tasted the meaning of the words。 “Boss Lu,Any chance of getting rich,Take a few brothers together!Let’s take the name […]