Originally planned to end at eight o’clock,I didn’t expect it to be completed at 7:30。In order to ride the fire,Xia Jian asked Accountant Chen to come up with the pre-prepared contract,Here comes an on-site office。

This can be sloppy,So after the whole thing is finished,It’s nine o’clock。At the banquet,These bosses are happy。There are only two bosses who didn’t grab the land,Xianli is extremely unhappy。 One of the bosses named She found Xia Jian,He cried and said:“President Xia!I’m fromGZCome to your northwest,It’s not easy。Now everyone has grabbed the ground,But I am […]

“The methods and treasures he left,The purpose is to cultivate some peak Taoists,Against the eternal race。”

Indeed,A pinnacle Daojun is definitely not an opponent of the eternal race,But kill some Taoists of the eternal race,It is even possible to kill some weak emperors。 Eternal race,After all, the population is too small,Not every generation has a peak Daoist born!! As long as we continue to cultivate generations of eternal emperors,Reduce the strength […]

Chen Xiu is overjoyed,Hurry upThe breath of death expelled。

“You think it’s safe to hide in the turtle shell,Naive!” Ancestor Qingyun shouted fiercely:“Blood will slaughter the world,Blood River Out of the Jifu——Blood River First Strike!” The blood mist around Patriarch Qingyun suddenly,Turned into a blood-red river,This river contains infinite murderous aura,Contains endless chill,Rushing towards Chen Xiu! “Rumbling!” The river rushes towards Chen Xiu。This river […]

Zhao Luo squinted at her,“Why is your head getting worse,What should I do if people fall behind??This is 10,000 yuan,Not one hundred!”

———— 017 Small hot pot “should……Probably not,I don’t think it’s possible,I think she is quite rich,All in the hospitalVIPsingle,Do not,Is a suite。”Xia Shuyue is a little guilty,I dare not tell Zhao Luo that she has given the invoice to others。 Zhao Luo took the phone,Looked over and over again,“Not bad,it’s beautiful,Pretty advanced,Worth thousands,Are you lucky,I […]

Xia Jian quickly grabbed the phone on the desk,Called the village committee of Hejiaping Village,But this time,It’s really hard to tell if anyone in the office。

Luckily the phone rang twice,Was connected,He Yonggui’s anxious voice came over the phone:“Is this Mayor Xia??“ “it’s me,I’ll listen first,Which bag of seeds must not move,You watch it now,Understand?“Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。 He Yonggui:“Ok!“Asked:”Mayor Xia!Did this matter come to fruition??Won’t it end like this?!If the villagers ask,What should i tell them?“ “Listen […]

Li Tianchou looked out the window,Upset,I don’t want to talk to this guy at all。I thought that with Chen Bin、Shen Mingfang and others folded in,I’ll be cleared of my wrongdoing。I didn’t expect Xiao Yadong to be so reluctant,Really frustrating。Do you have to hold Uncle Geng??Suddenly an unknown fire burst in his heart,If Old Xiao does not end like this again,Then don’t blame me Li, who is ruthless。

Wu Fang turned his head and glanced at Li Tianchou,Smiled and said to the captain,“Let’s go to your brother’s site,Delicious and delicious。” The captain stared at Wu Fang cautiously,Obviously I don’t believe this,Because he found that Li Tianchou’s face was ugly,It seems that the relationship between Big Brother and these two people is not good。In […]

Chen Xiu couldn’t help being curious to ask the manager:“Who is this guy,How awesome is it?!”

“His name is Bei Shiguang and he is a double Ph.D. in aerodynamics and dynamics physics from Shanghai Jiaotong University.。I lost a lot of money in our casino before,Later, I practiced hard in retreat for a while,It is said that various formulas of mechanics are used on the turntable,Can accurately calculate the falling point of […]

When Wang Teng looked at these,Now,Wang Teng is very direct。

And seeing these,The more so,Actually here,Wang Teng shot directly,Quickly deal with those people around Li Qianhua。 “right now,Your people have been taken care of by me。” “You are self-determined,I’ll make you perfect?” When Wang Teng saw this,at this time,Wang Teng is very direct。 But the more so,Actually here,Wang Teng’s heart,Even more eager to try。 And […]

Liekong is gorgeous,Like blood,In this canopy,But suddenly a scarlet moon appeared,Magnificent and shocking,Standing in the air,The most amazing is,Under the Scarlet Moon,But one person,As if it split the chaotic sky with a sword,Let Chiyue live!!!

The formed Chiyue Jianhong is gorgeous and tough,The fiercest wave of heavenly calamity fire could not penetrate,You can see the billowing fire like a torrent meets the rock,Can only flow from both sides。 Zhu Minglang is trembling slightly…… Even the hand holding the sword is shaking。 Every move of sword drawing,Are all betting on life,Because […]