Xia Jian turned around and gently closed the office door,Lowered his voice and asked:“What happened?You can speak now”

“Chief Xia!You have to be fair。Which Manager Wang from Dongsheng Group,Which fat man,Where do I go every day**I。Talking gibberish at first,I didn’t care。I didn’t expect this person to be courageous,Actually did something to me this morning”When Huang Yuhong said this,,Flushed with anger。 Xia Jian never expected that Huang Yuhong would talk to him about it。He […]

on the car,She called the security company,Make quick arrangements for personnel in place,Around eleven noon,The security company sent two buses to bring fifty security guards downstairs to the advertising agency。

“boss Zhang,These are students from the police school,Do you see qualified?”The leader asked Zhang Siwei。 In front of the building stood a group of young people,All dressed neatly,Holding shields and sticks in both hands,Zhang Siwei nodded,“Ok,can。” “Ok,Mr. Zhang is satisfied,These equipment are newly bought,We have spent the money。” “These equipment,It won’t break,You don’t suffer。”Zhang Siwei […]

While looking at,In this situation,Wang Teng smiled。

“it does not matter,They actually do more,It’s completely useless。” “and,Even if you really make them toss,Can they really do something here??” When Wang Teng just looked at him a little bit,The more so,Actually here,For the moment,These things,What should I do,These huskies,Wang Teng already knew。 “All right,Now words,Imperative,But not to deal with these things。” “I read,I’d […]

Wang Youdao still didn’t speak,But took out a piece of paper from his pocket,Lost it。Wang Youfa picked it up and took a look,See is a hand drawn map,He looked,And started the car。

After two o’clock in the afternoon,The car just entered the town of Baishui as depicted on the drawing,The brothers ate something in the small restaurant in town,Then I prepared some dry food and water,So I asked about the route,Went straight into the mountain。 Where did Wang Youfa suffer such a crime all these years?,Drove for […]

When Wang Teng saw this place,Wang Teng’s face,It brings a faint smile。

I don’t think about other issues for now.,But the more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,These things,Even more as expected。 And looking at these,at this time,Others are waiting anxiously。 But not long,These people are all looking at them。 What does this bring,Still undoubtedly feels very headache。 After watching for a while,Wang Teng at this […]


First0363chapter Ways to make money “Oh shit,Laozi fires a gun again,Stop playing”Wang Youcai angrily knocked down the cards on the table。 Sitting across from him is a middle-aged man in his forties,I saw him laughing and saying:“Boss Wang is a gunner,You don’t fire,Don’t these women be so anxious”The other two followed and laughed。 Wang Youcai […]

I have to take the strength of the gods to Hedong.。Go there,You can’t use your previous experience.,Still here, the battlefield is suitable for you to play。”

I don’t have to play with myself.? Zhang Wei is shocked,But he is always an inset,Gao Boyi is a savior,So he nodded:“The end will lead。I have estimated that Duan Yao should also compete with the leader.。 Is this going to play a battle??” Zhang Wei looked at everything in the land of the bears,Heart is […]

Wang Youcai smiled and said:“You think too much。What can i get?All I can get is my salary”

“it is good!So much the better。you need to know,There is indeed a lot of money in this world,But even if some money is delivered to you,You’d better not even stretch out your hand,Otherwise if something happens,You regret it’s too late。You saw the two brothers Chen Jiang and Chen Feng” Wang Youdao carried his hands on […]

“I wish the city lord don’t play any tricks,We have been chasing the evil star dragon for many years,It took a lot of energy and money to catch the dragon today,If we didn’t see the evil star dragon,Those of your friends are going to sacrifice to heaven!”Yan Guang said。

“Yan Guangren,There is no need to say so much,Now everyone is also a cooperative relationship。”Tu Wenhe said politely。 Tu Wenhe didn’t want to be an enemy of Zhu Minglang。 Although Zhumen forces are not in the brown earth,But if it annoys them,There will be no end to the Four Kingdoms and Westway Shenfan Academy。 Yan […]

Strong combat,All belong to the advanced guardian,in‘Captive farm’There are not many,Most of them live in temples in front of the mountain,Four puppets are enough to solve。

Before the mountain,Suddenly a streamer flew out,Go straight to the back mountain,Looks like a high-level guardian is dispatched,Li Tianzhu’s phantom soul looks down in mid-air,Everything can be seen clearly,He has been hiding his divine knowledge in the mountain today,So it has not aroused the alertness of the old evildoer and the preacher,Only in this way […]