However, only the look of Chen Shanli,It is not good to judge,He is iron and Chen Youyi framed Qiaofeng.,Still also cheated。

Just obviously Chen Shanli is not willing to clarify this matter at this time.…… As for Lu Zhang Long……Sure enough, your old man is being dominated.?From the beginning to the end, only you don’t know anything.! You have a long time old,Why is it mixed than the law enforcement?? And Kang Min took out many […]

“I happened to turn around too。”

…… Strength still needs to continue to improve。 After all, if you are doing something similar to holding a princess in the future,Trespassing into dangerous activities like Jianzong,There are not many dragons standing by,A little scary。 Dragon Girl Hall,Located in the capital of the country,Zhu Minglang is really interested in visiting,So he specifically called on […]

He fumbled for a while,Take a look at the phone from your pants pocket。It was Luo Yi who came here,He couldn’t help but feel refreshed。While he answered the phone,Sat up from the bed。

Phone through,Luo Yi’s beautiful voice came from inside,She asked with a smile:“You lazy,What exactly is going on,Call me back,I waited all night” Luo Yi said so,Xia Jian now remembered what he had promised Luo Yi。He hurriedly smiled and said:“Too many things at home,So busy,I really forgot about the call back” “Nothing,I just said casually。How are […]

All this happened between the electric light and flint,The quick response police officer at the door raised his gun and shot at the meat pillar,The pillar of meat seems unbearable,Swish and retract back,There was another courageous police officer who rushed into the room.,There really is a dark shadow on the ceiling,That is a humanoid monster,Limbs are firmly sucked on the ceiling like suckers,Both eyes are shining with blue fluorescence,Staring at Xiao Yadong who fell by the window。

Police officers learn lessons,Shoot the monster without hesitation,But the monster that seems to have been hit hard is still extremely flexible,Walking flat on the ceiling,Swish fast moving to avoid bullets,Extremely powerful,At this time, Lao Xiao was relieved,Also involved in shooting,Monsters are shot again and again,Black blood is constantly spilling,Suddenly roared,Pounce on Xiao Yadong。 Old Xiao’s […]

“I can close your yin and enter the spell.,But I think you still want to look at it again.,So I didn’t ask。”Liao Wenjie smiled slightly,Said that you are very eye-catching。

“……” Wild, scorpion over white eyes,Not much to say。 Liao Wenjie is right,She does have this idea,Face in front of fear can understand fear,She wants to see the back of the world can’t escape.。 “Scorpion,You are very courageous,But there is no need,This is not your world,Believe in your own eyes,Instead I gave your eyes,Do yourself。”Liao […]

Even the brain-computer society team members can accept it,I’m afraid it will be uncomfortable。

“Don’t take the heart of a villain to save a gentleman,Han wanted to retire a long time ago,I don’t lack your reputation。The patent attribution is still yours,In the name of the company, you invite him to simply guide the follow-up laboratory operations and the group team paper writing,Just pay the salary according to the market […]

“Secretary Wang urges me every day,Let me contact Venture Group,Let them build us an office building,You said that they just finished repairing the embankment for us,Now we have to urge people to build office buildings for us,I can’t open my mouth”Deputy Mayor Zhao said with a sad face。

Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Nothing,President Xia has already said this,Construction started in January,He is now on vacation,It’s useless to urge others” “Oh!That’s great,What Xia promised,Generally won’t fail,Let’s wait patiently!”Deputy Mayor Zhao finished,Left happily。 Speaking of Xia Jian,Ouyang Hong feels uncomfortable,This guy left for so long,But never take the initiative to call her。No wonder,He is […]

However, I said Wuxin,Listener。

Remember mobile version URL: ———— Chapter Twelve Edric Fergus·Edric,He is the top family in the life god world,Member of the Edric family。 Said it was once,Because ten thousand years ago,The entire Edric family moved to hell collectively,Chasing their family for countless years,Hate most、Most hostile、The most hated enemy—Four Mythical Beast Family。 It is said that the […]

“Now Gao Boyi will not give us the opportunity.,There is no big army to organize,Attacking the side of Qi Jun,there is none left,nothing left。Only one of your hands have not been fully trained.,Originally used to protect Changan。”

Yu Wenzhen wants to tell Yu Wenxian,Now Zhou Guo’s situation,Already a policy, no Gyeonggi,陇 右、Martial arts,Fundamentally, there is no bird in Changan.。 Yu Wenxian probably thinks that these landlords have organized a strong force.,Daiqi,This will copy the miracle of the Wushen Taishayuan battle.。 Unfortunately,If this command goes down,those people,Instead, it will become a leader of […]