Wang Degui put the passbook in his pocket,About to turn around,He couldn’t help but stop,Muttered to himself:“its not right!In Pingdu,He should find Youdao,Why did people call home??Could it be that Youdao is afraid of the money regardless of him?“

Chen Yueqin heard what Wang Degui said,She was also a little surprised:“Yes indeed!He should find Youdao first,Is it really like you said,Youdao does not care about him?If so,Wang Youdao!I’ll settle accounts with you when you come back”Chen Yueqin kicked the threshold fiercely。 Walked back and forth twice in the house,Wang Degui said that:“No matter so […]

Wang Teng is talking here,He stopped。

After all now,Go tangled so much,Actually it doesn’t make much sense anymore。 Now that I have decided what to do,Actually these problems,It’s more important than before。 And seeing these,Wang Teng at this time,Then he laughed slowly。 “All right,Since it’s here,Can’t come out yet?” “Or,Need me to invite you,Will come out?” What Wang Teng said,Feel,It’s as […]

Xiao Xiao stopped,She sighed and said:“Your conversation with Luo Yi last night,I heard a little。You can always consider the old man’s last wish,I am very happy。This house for you,Quandang is your wedding house in Bucheon”

“No way!This room is yours,I just live”Xia Jian is a bit miserable,He didn’t know why Xiao Xiao had such thoughts。 Xiao Xiao reached out,Pulled Xia Jian by his collar。Then said lightly:“Bucheon City,There are almost no houses like Dad。Leave it to you,I want you to protect this place。I already have Yijuyuan。Besides, there are too many sad […]

Suddenly there was applause,Suddenly awakened Chen Xiu,Look past,I saw the old sailor who was practicing boxing with the opponent just now clapping。

“Chen expert,I didn’t think you were still proficient in Tai Chi。I have been learning boxing for a long time,I have never understood the gist of boxing,But not as good as you,Can you teach me!” Chen Xiu blushed,Speaking of his own Taijiquan or just follow him now to sell,Turn around and teach him,No matter how thick-skinned […]

Finally, there is this layer of ideas.,Previously doubts all solved,only……Chu Deirers think about their own,It seems that the nature is completely changed.?

“You are……sisters?”Chu Deirers suddenly feel,I seem to have a lot of trouble.,One treatment is not good,In the future, I can only go to Wudang asking Zhang Zhen people still lack of not lacking.。 Moon,I know that the Chu Deirers should have completely recognize their identity.,So directly open mouth:“Boy,It seems that you already know……Actually my sister,I […]

Liao Wenjie:“……”

What do you understand?? “Mr. Liao’s skill,I want to do what I don’t need to borrow my black tiger.,But Daxie does not report,Ambitious,Please give me a chance。” “Ok,I will accept my business card.,But let’s talk about it first.,I am looking at your filial piety.,Otherwise it will not be charged。” “Thankful。” Shangshan Honglian,I saw the eyes […]

Wu Lusheng thinks this is not right,Go and knock on Zhang Siwei’s room door。

“Get out of here。”Zhang Siwei roared。 “it’s me,Open the door。”Wu Lusheng lengthens the voice。 Zhang Siwei heard his mother’s voice,Just walk over and open the door,Then sit on the bed and go in a daze,Ye Jia doesn’t know what happened,Look at mom,Look at grandma again。 “You quarreled again?Why?”Wu Lusheng hugged Ye Jia。 “I want to […]

The weakest sword skill,It doesn’t make much sense to deal with the demons of seven thousand years。

“alright,Don’t blame you,It’s the flame crown golden eagle not having enough years,Of course you should pay attention next time,Even if it’s a creature whose cultivation base is not as good as yours,They also have some deadly weapons,Don’t be ironic……”I wish Minglang a helpless way。 I thought this flame crown golden eagle could practice the tacit […]


First0534chapter Catch the thief Looked at the stab wound on the wound that was not removed,Dong Yixuan feels a little scared,He asked quietly:“You just got hurt?” “A week ago!There are four guys by night,Grab money with a dagger,I was beaten away,I didn’t expect that I was also injured”Xia Jian said calmly。?Eight?One Chinese Network? ㈧.?8㈠1?Z?㈠.?COM Dong […]