“Since you can’t fight her,Make trouble,Didn’t you let me wipe my butt?“Xia Jian asked again。

———— First0228chapter Riding a tiger Zhao Longlong wanted to be in Buchuan,But a powerful person from Megatron。 Although it is a legal society,He is no longer arrogant in previous years,But by Xia Jian,How can he be subdued in his heart,As the saying goes, the camel is dead,But the shelf is still there。 I saw the […]

Washed my face,People are also sober,Xia Jianyi sit down,Jin Yimei said straightforwardly:“President Xia,Tomorrow’s bid,May be a bit troublesome,According to the current market value of prime land,There will be a big gap in our funds“

Xia Jian’s heart trembled,But he didn’t move,Instead, he took the Golden Land plan from Wang Lin,I frowned and read it twice before saying:“The current market value of Golden Land is indeed very high,150 acres of land,Calculated at 400,000 per mu,Also need six billion“ “Yes!We raised all the funds,Only 500 million can be used,This one billion […]

“Haha,You worked too hard to challenge my master, right??Shunzi told me today,You definitely have a problem,Unexpectedly,He didn’t want to team up with us tonight,I went to the mine alone to mine?Say it,Which map is it?”Zhang Song breathed and asked。

“How do you know that I’m in the mine?”Guo Yinzhe Surprised,According to the privacy of the glory game cabin,People outside shouldn’t see his game。 “Hehe,Stupid??Look at the projection on the wall,Our team’s projector can be switched to any game screen in the game cabin with one click……” “Turned out to be like this……You are about […]

One time,All memitors seem to have a wind。

Chen Riyuan recalls the pain of the pain again。 When he was young, he once in Tianfeng attached a medical treatment.,Tuberculosis,But at the time were misdiagnosed as pneumonia,Result delay,Resulting in patient infectious shock death。 That is a medical accident,It is precisely because of the event,He left the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianfeng Medical University。 Chen […]

There is a sentence called Tianshi and。Yangzhou is in front of the junction of North Qi and Nan Chen,River,It is an unpleasant waterway land transportation hub.,This is the land。

The relationship between the two countries is in the stable period,This is the day。 This is the key to doing business。 As in people and,That is, the Gao Bo Yi suggested that the rivers and futures exchanges established here.。 Ancient calls,no mobile phone,No plane train,Traffic is limited,Therefore, the so-called“Declaration”。A lot of trails,Nothing,Is the information poor […]

Originally, it’s ready to be prepared.,But Hu Xiaotian’s change,Let Li have a riveting,A punch is in the air,Uncompromising。

Sun Yarru looked at Hu Xiaotian back,Some worry:“or,Do you want us to change a place?,I am afraid that they will come over again to find you trouble.。” Just finished this,There is a noisy voice in the middle of the dance pool.。 “sorry,sorry,I am really not intentional.。” See a scene of the center of the dance […]

“No,Fell asleep,The plane has arrived when I wake up。This head is a little groggy,Have you caught a cold??“Xia Jian said,Helplessly shook his head。

Xiao Xiao snatched the suitcase in Xia Jian’s hand,She smiled and said:“No way!Your body is as strong as a cow,How can you catch a cold,Most likely caused by the time difference,If you go back and sleep well, there should be no problem“ Two people talking and laughing,Came to the underground parking lot together。Got in Xiao […]

Li Tianzhi was surprised,Suddenly remembering that spirits are also creatures,Also has a soul,Has the nine infants in the body reached the point of pervasiveness??Since it has been suppressed,How can you still be aggressive?But guys with strong mental powers are really hard to provoke,versus‘Nirvana handkerchief’After playing,Li Tianzhi has a deep understanding,Can really be pervasive。

And the butler in the so-called ancient temple is so unhappy,Maybe it really almost broke something。 “Under what conditions,Only the limited consciousness can be liberated?” “Where did you suppress that Jiuying??” “How I came to this chaotic time and space?” “Since you are ancient gods,Supernatural power,Why hide,Like a turtle?” “Are you listening?I’m scolding you!” Let […]

“rest assured,I will never leave the manor,I just walk outside。”

Chen Xiu saw the butler with more than a dozen bodyguards.,Is to stop and say:“The manor is so powerful here,An Nan’s army won’t dare to come,You have to have confidence in yourself。” The housekeeper thought about it,Over two hundred years,No matter how the Annan Dynasty changed,The manor has always been a restricted area,Outsiders never dare […]