The first "new farmers credit direct traffic" loan issued by the Postal Savings Bank Guizhou Branch

Cattle Enterprises, supported by the Bank of the Postal Savings Bank. According to the Guizhou Branch of the Postal Savings Bank and Guizhou Agricultural Credit Financing Self-Carrying Co., Ltd., the Postal Savings Bank’s Agricultural Credit Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. has established a special marketing service mechanism to establish a new agriculture. Operating the main credit […]

Our province further strengthens the safety supervision of chemical industry

Recently, the Provincial Security Committee issued the "Emergency Notice on Further Strengthening the Current Chemical Industry Safety Supervision". According to the notice, the winter has always been a chemical industry. It is easy to send. This year, this year, in the early winter, the freshly decreasing snow blizzard, the harsh weather increased, and the new […]

Provincial Natural Resource Office: Advance the natural resource elements to speed up docking

The reporter learned from the provincial "four-to-one service" office, since November, the Provincial Natural Resources Department has been "promoted natural resource elements" as a starting point, combined with the "four-to-one service" special action, the theme help in the province’s natural resource system Help activity. The natural resource system is scientifically developing a work plan, establishing […]

Shenzhen disease control reminder: food should be cooked and then eaten

Original title: Influenza, Nori Virus Risk Level "China" Shenzhen disease risk comprehensive forecast show, November 3 to 9, Shenzhen’s flu, Nori and bacterial gastroenteritis’s risk level is "medium" . On November 3, Shenzhen CDC reminded the public, washing hands to prevent a variety of infectious diseases. Recently, there are few popular public places, pay attention […]

Seriously do a good job of "precision" article (People’s Forum)

  Precision is an important epistemology, methodology. In 2013, when a flat place in front of Miaojia, Hunan, Hunan, Hunan Province, in the face of the local cadres, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the "precise poverty alleviation" concept, "seeking truth from facts, reasonable, classification guidance, precision An important indication of poverty alleviation. The comprehensive implementation […]