Shaanxi solidly promotes the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin

Original title: Shaanxi has solidly promoted the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin (Reporter Cheng Jingfeng) On July 30, the reporter learned from the Provincial Development Reform Commission that all local departments across the provinces carefully study the General Secretary of Xi Jinping in the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection […]

Sun Laichun: Battle "Epidemic" Enterprise Opens Digital Self-rescue Model

People’s Network Beijing February 21st (Wang Shuai) Under the epidemic situation, SMEs face severe challenges. How to make a crisis machine, amnealing? On February 20th, the People’s Network Strong Strong Forum passed the "Golden Table Round Table" people’s fighter, SMEs, and the severe challenges and turning departments of SMEs under the SMEs, and the investment […]

The streets of Jiangwan Town, Hongkou District, comprehensive from the last kilometer of the party

On the afternoon of December 9, the Jiangwan Town Street Party Working Committee held a comprehensive conference in the construction of strict treatment of the "four" mechanisms of the party "four" mechanisms in 2021. Huang Dan, secretary of the Street Party Work Committee, presided over the meeting, member of the street party and government team, […]

Qinghai Province launched a member of the provincial party committee, candidate committee to the city, provincial direct unit, industrial park 2020 work results

  For the multi-dimensional evaluation of various units of work performance, after the closing of the 13th National Session of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, Qinghai Province organized a member of the provincial party committee and candidate committee to the city, provincial direct units, industrial park leaders and leading cadres 2020. The annual work results are […]

Sinan County Multi-Measures Building Food Safety Defense

One is a sound working mechanism. The county level established the county party secretary, the county magistrate "Two-Leader" and 32 departments as members of the food safety committee, the hometown setting market supervision station, 526 villages (communities), clearly clarified rural food safety supervisors, college , The information daughter, forming the "horizontal to the side, longitudinal […]

The big country building series is held in Hong Kong – letting Hong Kong citizens feel the beauty of the national architecture

  From October 25th to 30th, the Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong Zilian Office, China Construction Group, hosted by China Construction Group, held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.During this time, the "Construction Temple" composed of many national architectures has entered a multi-university to hold a campus report, telling Hong Kong teachers and […]

The 11th round of the party committee of the autonomous region completed the work

From March 1st to 4th, the eleventh round of the 12th Autonomous Region Party Committee patrols 5 inspections in accordance with the "One Tour 2" "One Truste Three" mission arrangements, respectively entered the Autonomous Region Party Committee, prepared, and district straight work. Board, Old Cadre, Party School (Administrative College), Autonomous Region Letters and Calls Bureau, […]

The "fast, new, deep" team of Zhane County is "fast, new, deep" to preach the Civil Code

Original title: "Fast, New, Deep" preaching the Civil Code forced, and the village team of Zhane County promoted the results of the Civil Code through "fast, new, deep". In the implementation of the "fast", the village team of Zaqi County is committed to the early arrangement, early deployment, and earnestly deployed the learning preaching Civil […]

Notice of the Ministry of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Seriously Organizational Learning "Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts"

Original title: The Ministry of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Department of Central Committee on Seriously Organize "Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristics Socialist Thoughts", Beijing, February 26, China Communist Party of China Central Committee, Central Committee, Central Committee, China Communist Party, […]