Xiao Fan didn’t expect their speed to be so fast,What a long time,They have come to the front of the last level,But this number is much higher than Xiao Fan expected。

It seems that my level settings are still somewhat problematic。
In fact,If outsiders know that the other party has sent a total of about a thousand killers to attack their villa,And when it reaches the fourth level,But there are only less than 20 people left,Xiao Fan considers a lot of words,The opponent’s leader probably doesn’t have to fight,You will be pissed off by Xiao Fan’s thoughts!
“Bell bell bell!”
The internal phone in Xiao Fan’s room rang at this time。
Actually,Even if you don’t need to think about it,Xiao Fan also knows who is calling this call。
after all,Just now,Haven’t I already said it,Since this is an internal call,Then it must only be called from inside。
Xiao Fan answered the phone lazily,Said:“Fan Lao,You can still call me at this time,Can you tell me what I think?”
“Hahahaha,Xiao Fan,Can you keep talking like this,I can’t accept the old man!”Mr. Fan actually laughed on the phone。
I guess this scene would be seen by their opponents,I guess I will be pissed off again,When is this special,So many killers have already attacked their door,What about these two people?
I’m still in the mood to talk on the phone here,And still so happy talking on the phone。
“Speak,What time is it,Can you tell me a joke here?”Xiao Fan said in a lazy appearance。
“Nonsense,Where did i tell you a joke?”Old Fan deliberately pretended to be a little angry and said。
“Didn’t you tell me a joke??”Xiao Fan didn’t believe Fan Lao asked。
“Of course not,I am very clear about what I said earlier,Don’t rely on your youth,And bullying the old man I am older with my age!”Fan said on purpose。