The weakest sword skill,It doesn’t make much sense to deal with the demons of seven thousand years。

“alright,Don’t blame you,It’s the flame crown golden eagle not having enough years,Of course you should pay attention next time,Even if it’s a creature whose cultivation base is not as good as yours,They also have some deadly weapons,Don’t be ironic……”I wish Minglang a helpless way。
I thought this flame crown golden eagle could practice the tacit understanding with the sword spirit dragon。
It’s a pity that the Flame Crown Golden Eagle Road is not enough。
“call out~”
Sword and spirit dragon chase after victory,Show the sword rain sword technique again!
Differentiation from the sword body of the sword spirit dragon,One in two,Half four,Quarter to eight……
A moment later,The whole body of the sword spirit dragon is filled with the shadows of thousands of thin swords,Looking far away,Like countless crossbow arrows swept across the vast army,Densely packed,Comparable to heavy rain!
Sword rain meticulous,Powerful but terrible。
You can see those sword rain shadows passing by the flame crown golden eagle,Those golden and tough feathers will also be punctured、Tie down。
For a time,The golden feathers on the flame crown golden eagle’s body were shaved off by this sword rain sword technique.,Looks like a giant bald bird,And the arrogance before、Compared with the majestic appearance,Two Birds。
“Big bald bird,Hahaha,Big bald bird!!”Xiantulong smiled directly on the ground and rolled,Four chubby paws scratched empty。
I wish Minglang a wry smile。
Sword Spirit Dragon is still too strong,Bring out real skills,Seven thousand years of demons can’t stand it。
It seems that I have to wait a little longer。