Wu Lusheng thinks this is not right,Go and knock on Zhang Siwei’s room door。

“Get out of here。”Zhang Siwei roared。
“it’s me,Open the door。”Wu Lusheng lengthens the voice。
Zhang Siwei heard his mother’s voice,Just walk over and open the door,Then sit on the bed and go in a daze,Ye Jia doesn’t know what happened,Look at mom,Look at grandma again。
“You quarreled again?Why?”Wu Lusheng hugged Ye Jia。
“I want to divorce him。”Zhang Siwei sighed,Turn around。
“is it so serious?divorce?”Wu Lusheng was shocked,She knows her daughter’s character,Quarrel never said divorce,said,I’m afraid the matter is serious,I’m afraid I really want to leave。
“He has an affair,Do I keep him at home for the New Year?”Zhang Siwei’s eyes are red。
Wu Lusheng walked over,Sit next to Zhang Siwei,sigh,“Ugh,I have reminded you,You just don’t believe,I have friends who have seen him with a little girl,Now confirmed?”
“I will ask the lawyer to talk to him about divorce tomorrow。”Zhang Siwei didn’t say anything else,A huge tear down,She raised her hand and wiped it。
“You have to think clearly,Although it’s Ye Boping’s fault,But divorce is a big deal,Child is still young,What to do later,Ye Jia is not sensible,I can’t stop my father。”Although Wu Lusheng is angry,But still speak calmly。
“I’m also thinking about children,But the girl is pregnant,This marriage must be divorced。”Zhang Siwei said categorically。
“You have confirmed?Are you sure the other person is pregnant?”Wu Lusheng was shocked,“Ye Boping,Usually looks human,I think the most is to make a fresh picture outside,Can really make a child?”
“sure,Nothing wrong,Do you know who that woman is,Is the child’s godmother。”Zhang Siwei said desperately。
“what?……Ye Boping and Xia Shuyue got involved?Xia Shuyue is also something to eat,You still partnered with her to do business,Want to give her a hand。”Wu Lusheng was very angry,Swish to stand up。
“She didn’t know Ye Boping was my husband。”Zhang Siwei knows this,Because Xia Shuyue kept saying that she didn’t know the name,Don’t know his family situation,They have been together for so long,She still believes this。
“No one’s husband,Even if Xia Shuyue doesn’t seduce Ye Boping,I can’t seduce someone else’s husband。”Wu Lusheng looked at Zhang Siwei,Hesitated,ask,“What about your partnership with her?”