Originally, it’s ready to be prepared.,But Hu Xiaotian’s change,Let Li have a riveting,A punch is in the air,Uncompromising。

Sun Yarru looked at Hu Xiaotian back,Some worry:“or,Do you want us to change a place?,I am afraid that they will come over again to find you trouble.。”
Just finished this,There is a noisy voice in the middle of the dance pool.。
“sorry,sorry,I am really not intentional.。”
See a scene of the center of the dance pool,Li Huifeng suddenly got up,He knows that Hu Xiaotian will leave if it is so simple.。
Chapter 327
At this time, the high white snow is some fear of watching the handsome boys in front of you.。
Especially when I see the other person who has fallen on the ground.,There is also the other party’s opening price,Let her be shocked。
“Hey-hey,Not intentional?
I forgive you not to deliberately,But you have to pay me with your money.?
Do not talk new,It is the maintenance fee, you have to give it to me.?”
Hu Xiaotian, just finished,Several people around them are also speaking to help。
“Correct,Let her lose。”
“Correct,Dancing so big to do,It’s pitiful to break the watch.?”
“Yup,If you break it, use this compensation.,Can’t because it is not intentional, even if it is not intentional.。”
“Correct,Apologize to use those crimes as long as you apologize?。”
Everyone, you say that it is a little fear of high white snow.,But she doesn’t know what to do.,After all, she feels this.。
But in the face of a group of people,What she can’t say。
“How much,I will pay for you for her.。”
At this time,Li Hui Hui also squeezed with Sun Yawu.。
Hu Xiaotian saw that Li Hui came over,The face is also an exposed airame with independence.,How did he find Li Hui’s trouble before?,But now it seems that it is full of hard work.。
“hehe,Are you affordable??
This is Rolex,More than 50 million Rolex,You pay。”
“it is good,I lost you,But you let me see if it is true。”
Li Hui Feng does not believe that the other party really will be able to wear the Rolex in the hand and then in order to touch the porcelain.。
Hu Xiaotian has expected it for Li Hui’s careful wings.,Immediately handed the broken Rolex directly to Li Hui。
And Li Hui Reni will not know these so-called famous brands.。
But Sun Yaru behind him is directly in his hand.,Because he has seen Lincheng has a lot of blocks,But she reads for a long time.,I found that the other’s Rolex actually really。
This makes her, I don’t know how to say how to Li Hui.。
“Beauty,After reading it?