Comrade Wu Wei Dong Ren Zhangjiakou Municipal Party Committee Secretary

  A few days ago, the provincial party committee decided: Comrade Wu Wei Dong Ren Zhangjiakou Municipal Party Committee Secretary; Comrades, Comrades, no longer served as Secretary of Zhangjiakou Municipal Party Committee, Standing Committee, and Committee.

  Wu Wei Dong, male, Han nationality, born in October 1969, Pinggun, in October 1991, in August 1989, participated in the work, the central party school student education.

Zeng Ren Zi Hui Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary, Zijiazhuang Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Secretary of the Party Group, Party Committee, Director of the Qing Zhi Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Party Secretary, Deputy Secretary of Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Director, District General, Shijiazhuang Yuhua DistrictSecretary of the Committee, deputy mayor of Bengbu City, the Standing Committee of the Handan Municipal Party Committee, the Standing Committee of Zhangjiakou Municipal Committee, deputy mayor (standing in the division of labor)Secretary, Mayor; Director of Zhangjiakou Municipal Committee of Zhangjiakou Municipal Committee in May 2017; Director Zhangjiakou Operations Center; in May 2021, Zhang Jiakou Municipal Party Committee Secretary.

It is a member of the Jiuzhou Provincial Party Committee.