Precautions for pregnant mothers: take it too fragrant

Precautions for pregnant mothers: take it too fragrant

We recommend that mothers during pregnancy do not use night creams and whitening products. Maybe you may think that this should not be the case. You may think: anyway, it is rubbed outside the skin, but not eaten in the belly. Why pay attention to this

However, if certain toxins gradually build up, they will eventually reach the blood through your skin in sufficient quantities to affect your baby’s development.

So, take a look and take care, the maintenance process needs to take care of your baby’s health.

  For some imported products, you need to pay attention, these should avoid using the “keyword” of ingredients.

  Avoid one: acne medicine (acne), retinol (retinol), salicylic acid (salicylic acid) contains retinoic acid (Accutane), retin-A (retin-A) and tetracycline (tetracycline), so prescribedAnti-ulcer products must be avoided during pregnancy!

  Because the product uses high doses of these ingredients to suppress the acne-causing bacteria, such high dose products can also cause serious neonatal defects.

  In addition, even counter products containing low-dose retinoic acid (retinoid) or salicylic acid (salicylic acid) are not safe.

It is obvious that these two ingredients are often used in anti-aging lotions and anti-freckle products.

Although there is no evidence that they can cause birth defects, they contain vitamin A (vitamin A), which can be harmful once the dose is high.

As a precautionary measure, it is best to avoid using these.

  If you happen to be infected with a maxillary wound, for the sake of your baby, it is best to restore the skin health through nursing.

  Avoid two: Any fragrant product phthalate (phthalate) is a common chemical ingredient in fragrant beauty products, such as body lotions, perfumes, body sprays.

During your pregnancy, there will be toxic effects, that is, hinder the normal development of your baby. By then, these ingredients will usually not be shown in the ingredient list.

So when pregnant, it is best to avoid using perfumed products.

  Avoid three: skin whitening products (whitening / brightening) Whitening products contain chemicals called hydroquinone (hydroquinone), or glutathione, used to bleach the skin.

They can uniformly affect the body’s production of melanase, and therefore affect the formation of healthy skin during the baby’s natural development.

In addition, these ingredients may also cause allergic reactions in some people, so they should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

However, pregnancy can cause pigmentation problems, so if you encounter this type of problem, please consult your doctor directly, and do not take methods other than those recommended by your doctor until after you give birth.

  Avoid four: Nail products during pregnancy, if you must nail, then find a well-ventilated place, if possible, nail polish, bright nail polish, primer, nail polish remover, etc., must choose the chemical ingredients containedFewer products.

Research surveys have shown that people who work in nail salons have a wide range of odds for their baby’s health, such as stillbirth, birth defects, and stunted growth.

No research can clearly confirm this, but there is evidence that the value of the opportunity for spontaneous abortion of nail salon employees.

All in all, it is better not to do nail art during pregnancy.

  Avoid five: Spray-type tanning or tanning products. Compared with European and American white-skinned beauties, Asians rarely have this need. We value whitening more.

Tanning products contain dihydroxyacetic acid (dihydroxyacetic acid). Although it is not proven that they will be absorbed by the blood, it may indicate that DNA damage may be caused. It is best to avoid all tanning products.