Zhao Luo squinted at her,“Why is your head getting worse,What should I do if people fall behind??This is 10,000 yuan,Not one hundred!”

017 Small hot pot
“should……Probably not,I don’t think it’s possible,I think she is quite rich,All in the hospitalVIPsingle,Do not,Is a suite。”Xia Shuyue is a little guilty,I dare not tell Zhao Luo that she has given the invoice to others。
Zhao Luo took the phone,Looked over and over again,“Not bad,it’s beautiful,Pretty advanced,Worth thousands,Are you lucky,I think we should go outside to celebrate today。”
“Ok,Ok,go。”Xia Shuyue knew that Zhao Luo really didn’t want to cook,Even cooking noodles。
“If you go to the company to report tomorrow morning, go to the hospital to guard her,She didn’t leave the hospital so soon,Remember to get the money before leaving,Or at least get the IOU。”Zhao Luo hugged Xia Shuyue and walked out,And kissed her cheek several times,“Let’s eat hot pot?”
“Say yes first,Up to twenty。”
“Row,Listen to you,Up to twenty。”Zhao Lola took Xia Shuyue to the hot pot restaurant with six yuan per person,Six yuan includes the food and the bottom of the pot,If you don’t add additional vegetables,No other expenses。
Of course hot pot at this price,Free dishes only include various vegetables and tofu,Although there are many varieties,But if you want to eat meat,You have to add money。
Or change to ten yuan、Twelve yuan per person,The 10 yuan free dish includes a plate of chicken blood or a plate of brain flowers,Twelve yuan is more abundant。
Zhao Luo asked for another pack of tissues、A bottle of beer、A pack of cigarettes,Exactly twenty,Put Xia Shuyue’s new phone on the cigarette case,Accept the envy of the people around you,Eating a small hot pot without meat,Both people feel satisfied and happy,Eat until you’re full and full,Just walk home。
No bike,Xia Shuyue slept earlier than usual,Because I have to get up early to catch the bus,Trot all the way after getting off the car,Just when Manager Tang was about to receive the sign-in form, he arrived at the office。
“I said,Can you a little earlier,Why do I get stuck every time?”Manager Tang was angry when he saw Xia Shuyue’s signature。
Xia Shuyue panted,“I called you yesterday,I had a car accident,The bike is broken,It’s not easy to get to the company on time today,You are so considerate of me,Manager Tang。”
“Don’t explain,You have too many reasons,I advise you to post a countdown form on your desk,See how many days you can mix!”
“I……I have been working very hard……”Xia Shuyue stood in place,Sad,Manager Tang ignored her,gone。
No meeting today,Everyone starts to go outside after signing in,Xia Shuyue followed,But she is not going to run business now,But you have to rush to the hospital,Don’t lose your 10,000 yuan,Must guard,This is the big deal。