Strong combat,All belong to the advanced guardian,in‘Captive farm’There are not many,Most of them live in temples in front of the mountain,Four puppets are enough to solve。

Before the mountain,Suddenly a streamer flew out,Go straight to the back mountain,Looks like a high-level guardian is dispatched,Li Tianzhu’s phantom soul looks down in mid-air,Everything can be seen clearly,He has been hiding his divine knowledge in the mountain today,So it has not aroused the alertness of the old evildoer and the preacher,Only in this way can there be a good sneak attack effect。
Li Tianzhen has felt in the belly of the mountain,There is a very powerful sense of God scanning,At the moment,The treasure box in his hand flew out,Countless green lights fall from the night sky,When they reach the ground, they become handymen in coarse clothes.,Large number,All over the mountains,They rushed into temples and various houses halfway up the mountain,Drag out the dimly sleeping person,Pick up,Take a big step and dash down the mountain,Move very fast,In an instant,The believers in all the houses halfway up the mountain were almost completely removed。
The problem lies in the temple,The so-called clergy and preachers of the cult are naturally not polite to strangers who come,Even kill,The killed handyman disappears like the air,Unexpected,Haven’t figured out what’s going on,Waves of handymen rush in,To mess around with everyone in the temple,No time for him。
“who?Dare to come to my Dala Mountain and make waves?”A loud sound of trembling eardrums sounded,It has found Li Tianzhi。
“Kampot,Don’t come unharmed?”
“You are so bold,I let you off last time,Dare to hit the gate?”
“Disbanded your shit god cult,Hand over the old monster hidden in the cave,I won’t bother too much。”
“Haha,You’re so big!”Kampot laughs,“Since coming,Don’t go。”
Mid air,Four lights suddenly appeared on Li Tianzhu’s body,One by one,There are actually four guardians with advanced Taoism,Every cultivation base is higher than the preacher who was caught by him outside the base today,It seems that the old evildoer’s family background is quite solid。
Li Tianzhen doesn’t want to fight with these walking dead,Chanting divine words in divine consciousness,A gloomy star accidentally appeared higher,When the four guardians attacked Li Tianzhen at the same time,The stars slipped quietly,Then brighten up quickly。
‘Magic Box’The changed handyman is very hard,And extremely persistent and stubborn,Most believers were sent down the mountain,It even includes some cult clergy。
of course,There are more handymen obliterated,Are basically lost around the three temples,However, the remaining handyman is still full of mountains and plains,Rush to the temple without the slightest timidity,Their existence,Only one mission,Is to move all the living creatures from the mountainside to the bottom of the mountain,Whether it’s a believer or a magician,Even several goats were snatched from the temple by handymen,Quickly carry down the mountain。
Li Tianzhen smiled slightly,Raising his hand to block the frontal guardian’s attack,At the moment when both sides touched,His golden shadow instantly turned into a little starlight,Soar up into a stream,The attack of the other three defenders was instantly resolved invisibly。
These actions seem to be an understatement,In fact, it is quite difficult,Li Tianzhu responds to the enemy with Yuanshen,Actually dare not be careless,Once the soul is destroyed,Both he and Li Xiucheng will die completely,No longer exist。
Although Li Xiucheng’s soul is extremely tyrannical,But Li Tianzhen will not easily expose his full strength in front of the old demon of Kampot and Dala Mountain.,The stronger the soul,The easier it is to attract the greedy,Similar to‘Nirvana handkerchief’I am afraid that the strong will never let go of such a soul。
and so,For Li Tianzhi,Safety comes first,His flesh hovered on the edge of a black hole in the void,Guardian of God by Li Xiucheng,But only temporarily,It is impossible in the mortal world to have a body capable of carrying such a powerful soul,So seizing the house is not feasible,Can only be cautious and cautious。