In fact,I wish Minglang is ecstatic,But he didn’t want others to know that the elf was a spirit well,This thing is too special,So forcibly resisted not showing it。

Mainly this excitement and joy is a bit difficult to bear。
This seems a bit painful and weird to outsiders!
“Cough,nothing,nothing,I think it’s extraordinary enough。”Zhu Minglang coughed heavily,This suppressed the desire to laugh。
“brothers,Cry if you feel uncomfortable,Why don’t i get more,Helped you。So much money,The result is such a tasteless little cute pet,Everyone wants to cry。”Luo Shaoyan looked blushing at Zhu Minglang,Grit your teeth,Decided to bear the responsibility!
“Really okay,do not worry about it。”
“I’ll accompany you out to breathe,Come in later?”Luo Shaoyan said。
Go out and go around,Zhu Minglang finally suppressed the joy that I wanted to burst out of my heart。
He tried again,Lead the aura out to Xiaoyingling,Little Yingling’s fluff will be stored,And extract,Then it will feed back a purer and richer aura energy!
Lingjing elf!
Zhu Minglang, the more I look at it, the more I feel that this little guy is so cute and golden!