The most effective love words to conquer men

The most effective love words to conquer men

Like to hear him talk in love?

But have you ever thought that he also needs to listen to your sweet words?

Men are also auditory animals. There are some words that must be told to him.

Here are the 26 most effective love words we have summarized: 1. I like your hair and the luster of your hair (feel, color, taste .)!

  Pick the same thing, there is always something worthy of praise.

Observing a person should be from head to toe, at least this is my mindset.

There are also many people who are just the opposite of me. Such people often get more on the road.

I think that thick hair is a must for a charming man.

Men are afraid of balding just like women are afraid of wrinkles.

Many men have a little baldness and look around for medicine.

Bald men are definitely not in demand on the market.

Of course, as long as you are willing to praise him or treat incompleteness as a kind of beauty, the disadvantage is also an advantage, as long as you are honest and fair.

Language is such a deceptive thing.

In addition to praising their thick hair, you can also say, “I like the hair with a little grayish horns, which is especially sexy.

“No hair, what’s wrong?”

“” It’s so cool to have such long hair!

“Wow, is green the color of the year?

“Don’t feel insincere, you are not holding a grenade.

  2, “Your eyes are really .” This sentence need not be finished, what is needed is the bitterness of the words that are silent.

What do men like to listen to and how are they different from women?

Just do what you want!

Or Wang Ba caught his eyes.

You like thick eyebrows and big eyes, I like small eyes to spotlight.

The most important thing is to be targeted and see if you are facing some kind of man.

As long as you want to please him, you have to make others happy even if it is difficult for you.

I thought that the size of the eyes was second, and the light in the eyes was the focus.

“Your eyes .” should be universal praise and secret words.

  3, “Your nose is so pretty”!

  One year is spring, one day is morning, and one face is nose.

  A man with a tall nose always has a sense of complacency, otherwise a big nose like Brother Jackie Chan or the French lover Saint-Depadillo will also become, in addition to being thick and cute, there are hidden sexual cues.

  4, “Your lips are so sexy!

“Everyone’s sex standards are different. You say yes, he must be motivated.

  Lips are thin and firm and restrained. Thick lips represent passion and tenderness. Lips that are not thin or thick are impeccable. As long as he is not a three-lobed mouth or has sparse corn teeth in his mouth, you ca n’t praise himToo.

However, few women pay attention to men’s lips, and men rarely consider their lips as a show-off capital, but when we exaggerate the sexiness of men’s lips, they will still accept everything.

  5, “Your voice is so nice!

“It’s time to talk about the neck, but there’s really nothing to say here.

I don’t always understand why some parents named their daughter “Hou Jie” (throat knot).
The prominent men of “Adam’s Apple” are generally loud and deep. As a byproduct of men’s second sexual characteristics, men’s voices are also secret weapons that can captivate girls.
“Your voice is so nice!
“It is a relatively common and long-lasting good word. Sometimes the sexy male voice even makes women have goose bumps.

  6, “Your chest is so thick!

“A man’s chest does not have the standards of A, B, C, and D, but a strong chest always gives a woman the urge to hug.

Although there is no water here, women always want to spend the night of the military port here.

The man heard “Your chest is so thick!

The first reaction is that the hormonal index is rising rapidly. If it exceeds that, it will expand its sleeves, reveal large or small muscles, and accompany a proud snicker.

The so-called, right in the middle is also!

  7, wow!

Your figure is so good!

  Although few women like men with beer belly, they feel that such men have a sense of security.

I think most men still want to see four or six muscles in their abdomen.

Therefore, when a sporty man swims with you or changes his T-shirt, you accidentally see his upper body. You just need an exclamation, “wow-” is enough.

The latter half of the sentence need not be said most of the time.

  8, “So big!

“9,” You are great “10, your ass is so beautiful!

  Chinese is very particular about the use of euphemism, which is generally the result of a long-term education.

But in recent years, it seems that the trend has reversed.

The lower body is also the lower body of the retina. I don’t have any friends of a poetry club, and I don’t know what they are referring to again, maybe legs and feet.

If you read the small religious dictionary, you will find that genital worship has existed since ancient times. If this is a religious phenomenon, then it is natural for men to like to talk about things. After all, it is the most basic manly manIt is also the bottom line standard, otherwise something like Viagra would not be necessary.

In “Jin Ping Mei”, the queen’s “eligible qualifications for closing donkeys” said by the wife to the senior officials was a banner that some lucky men erected among buddies and close girlfriends.

So, in a private space, praise the man “It’s so big!”

“He will be extremely proud.

Of course, if his talent is not good enough, it is inevitable to be ironic.

At this time, you’d better set aside the scale balance and pay attention to the essence of things. Therefore, the words “you are so good” can never be easier to hear.

Personally, I prefer men with bulging buttocks, because whenever they praise their ass for being good-looking, they are beautiful.

  11, “Your fingers are artistic.

“As for the fingers, it’s a matter of opinion.

  If yes, you can say, “Your fingers are artistic.

“When you see the small hand, you don’t hinder saying,” Well, the small hand catches the treasure. “And when I see the big but not rough, I say nothing, but secretly keep it in my heart. If other aspects are suitable, I will consider whetherThere is room for continued development.

  12, “Don’t be too chic!”

“13,” You are so handsome! ”

14, “Hello, tall” Men with handsome appearance and knowledgeable knowledge also often don’t care much about their beauty, because things that are easy to get always seem to be of little value.

So from the face alone, men like to hear women say they are handsome and good-looking, at least they must be manly.

In terms of stature, men have higher requirements for themselves.

Being literate and keeping fit are topics that modern people pay close attention to after solving the problem of food and clothing.

Men must love to hear women say they are handsome.

Although many of these stresses are women talking behind the scenes, occasionally speaking in front of them, at least will get an intoxicating smile.

Men still care about their height. Tall men are always very feminine. When women say “you are tall”, men treat women as little birds.
  Talked a lot about the external beauty of men, but, in the end, it is not the least important, or the best is left to the end (the good thing is still behind).
In fact, for men and women, the beauty of appearance is still second, the most important is the beauty of the soul.

Although this sentence is a bit old-fashioned, but this is the word of the heart.

Appearance is just a icing on the cake or something to send charcoal in the snow. The key is whether you have the brocade or whether it is necessary to give you charcoal.