Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing District launches volunteer recruitment

This newspaper Beijing October 31st (Reporter He Yong) Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing Division volunteer recruitment date. Yanqing District will recruit about 10,000 volunteers to contribute to the service of the Winter Olympics. According to reports, according to the service point, the service, the service space, the service range, the Winter Olympics service in the Yanqing Division is mainly divided into four major categories: the first category is the volunteer service of the urban volunteer service station, the overall scale is around 1700, mainly Scenic attractions, transportation station, ice and snow sportswaid, 52 points of information consultation, guidance, traffic guidance, emergency assistance, safety tips, etc. At around 10,000, mainly through the winter and auto school, winter and snow knowledge, "Help the Winter Olympics" practice activities, etc. The overall scale is around 20,000, mainly to build a total of all kinds of volunteer services such as peace, community governance, ecological environmental, emergency rescue, epidemic prevention and control, back street alleys, energy saving and emission reduction; the fourth category is Winter Olympics volunteer Service, the overall scale is around 2,000. "People’s Daily" (15th edition, November 01, 2021) (Editor: Chen Luo, Li Minjun) Share more people to see.