Ten health-prone mistakes for middle-aged women

Ten health-prone mistakes for middle-aged women

Women entering middle age need more careful maintenance.

But sometimes there are some omissions, which can cause major hidden dangers to health.

The latest article in the American “Health” magazine published the top 10 health care mistakes that middle-aged women should avoid, summarized by health expert Barbara Grumman.

  There is no evidence that it needs to change.

The biggest health mistake of middle-aged women is not to change anything, as usual, hair, cosmetics and clothing.

Experts said that appropriate changes can enhance the body’s resilience and also greatly encourage women’s psychology.

  Not spending enough money on clothing.

At any age, it is a challenge to buy clothes that you want, and when you are middle-aged, your slim figure may already be history, and it is more difficult to buy a fit.

Most women need to spend more on clothing, and knight dresses fit better.

Otherwise, you can only wear clothes that are too breathable.

  Compare with yourself at 20 years old.

Few women can remain young and beautiful until middle age.

Middle-aged aging is a natural law, so don’t worry about depression.

In proportion to appearance, health is more important.

  Don’t exercise.

Although back pain and leg restfulness can occur during middle age, exercise must be continued.

In fact, exercise helps relieve pain and prevent old age illness.

Yoga and brisk walking are good choices.

  lack of sleep.

At middle age, sometimes I feel like I sleep well at night, but I still feel tired during the day.

Experts said that the actual situation may be “deceptive sleep”, shortened the time for efficient sleep, and the results are written directly in front of it, and may increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes.

  Visible teeth health.

Teeth are yellower and older.

In middle-aged people, protecting the teeth is basically a matter of concern about the appearance of the teeth. More importantly, dental health involves general health.

  Excessive anti-aging.

No one likes crow’s feet, but it is unrealistic and unnatural for middle-aged people to have no wrinkles.

After experiencing botox beauty or horrible lip augmentation, I can’t see where to go.

The right skin care products can help eliminate wrinkles such as crow’s feet.

  Using the wrong cosmetics.

Using the wrong cosmetics will attract older people.

Experts say cosmetics such as foundations and concealers should be replaced every six months to one year.

Pay attention to the expiration date when using cosmetics.

  Recognize tedious sex.

Human aging is also a misunderstanding.

After middle age, you can still boldly pursue sexy dress and exploratory needs.

In fact, for women, there is no fertility pressure, and the quality of sexual life is higher after the age of 50.

  The bra does not fit.

After middle age, women should wear more suitable bras based on body shape changes.Otherwise, it will not only lead to poor body, but also cause breast health problems.