I didn’t mean to hurt him,Just the opposite,I admire this brave old man。Although he can’t beat me,But still let me see the courage brought by practicing martial arts。

but,Courage is not enough,Real strength!Muay Thai practice after my own improvement,Not only does little harm to the body,But also has a strong combat power。
My disciple Xu Xiaohu only practiced for half a year,You have seen results!He can defeat most martial arts masters,This is the martial arts I want to promote on Hong Kong Island,Hope to get your support!”
NiFeng is here,Hands together,Bow straight ahead,Appear extremely religious。
The audience is silent,All the Chinese are lost in perplexed contemplation。
The facts are here,Even the president of the Jingwu Club,Master Wing Chun Ye Tian couldn’t beat him,Prove the Muay Thai martial art of this person,There is indeed something extraordinary。
And the scariest thing is not his fists,But his heart for spreading the martial arts of his hometown,This influence is extremely shocking,Also extremely powerful。
Is it really just a fake style,Vulnerable to Muay Thai?
When the image of the Muay Thai master was slightly reversed in people’s minds,When it’s not so ugly,Then the image of the martial arts museum has plummeted invisibly。
“Nonsense!National martial arts combat is not weak,The weak is I Ye Tian。”Ye Tian as the president of Jingwu,Finally couldn’t help shouting with grief and anger。
It’s a pity that he doesn’t have a microphone in his hand,So his voice was only heard clearly by the audience in the first few rows。
TonyFeng looked at the shaky figure in front of him,The old man who can’t even stand steady,His eyes are full of compassion。
“Is it?If your national arts are really so powerful,Where is my opponent?Is there any?Stand up!”
TonyFeng said these words into the microphone,The voice is extremely loud,It shook the hearts of countless people in the audience。
Say a thousand things and ten thousand,This world is still a world where the winner is king,Muay Thai won is won,The gesture of the winner is obviously more convincing。
Suddenly,TonyThe front figure is slightly shaken,A fierce high whip kick hit one of the pillars of the ring。
Bang!The ring broke off,Half shot,Hit the other side’s blank wall。
This scene is even more shocking that everyone can’t help but shut their mouths。