Chen Xiu is overjoyed,Hurry upThe breath of death expelled。

“You think it’s safe to hide in the turtle shell,Naive!”
Ancestor Qingyun shouted fiercely:“Blood will slaughter the world,Blood River Out of the Jifu——Blood River First Strike!”
The blood mist around Patriarch Qingyun suddenly,Turned into a blood-red river,This river contains infinite murderous aura,Contains endless chill,Rushing towards Chen Xiu!
The river rushes towards Chen Xiu。This river is red and bloody,It’s like the river of blood under the underworld,Suddenly came to the world,Slammed straight towards Chen Xiu!
As soon as this river of blood appeared,Chen Xiu hides in the scale armor,It also feels extremely dangerous。
In this moment of life and death,The unspeakable cohesion of Chen Xiu’s spiritual power,Chen Xiu’s feeling became unusually sensitive,The mind has never been empty,Chen Xiu’s eyes became indifferent!
Chen Xiu gave a low voice,Throw a piece of scale toward the head of the wave that flew over and still go,The whole person steps on the scales,Like surfing。
How could Patriarch Qingyun never think that Chen Xiu would use this method to avoid the swept river of blood。
I saw Chen Xiu stepping on scales,Break through the blood。
“Boundless sea!”
Chen Xiu slapped the blood wave under his feet,It’s like the sun bursting out of the clouds,Appeared suddenly and everywhere,With a mysterious and mysterious mood。
The sea is boundless,The murderous blood river is stagnant!