The most peculiar thing is,It is a black curtain hanging from the dome of the main hall,Like a pennant hanging vertically,Look around,There are probably hundreds of,There is a blurry pattern of light and shadow in the center of each pennant,Staring at everything in the hall like huge eyeballs,With Xue Qifeng’s cultivation base, it’s hard to distinguish the details。

He carefully touched one of the pennants with his spiritual sense,An instant sharp sting,Made Xue Qifeng almost shout,His consciousness is being bitten and cut,Which leads to instability,There is a huge force in the thin curtain,Seems to want to suck his soul out of the body。
After all, Xue Qifeng has a high level of cultivation,The two fingers of the right hand quickly merge into a sword tactic,A vigorous vitality points to the blurry light cluster in the curtain,Qi is like a sword pierced into the dark,With a crash,The surrounding space explodes,The turbulent airflow actually formed a small vortex,Let the whole hall shake,He took the opportunity to cut off the consciousness。
The earth-shattering roar from the light group,A pair of blood-red claws stick out from it,Dancing like crazy,Like the demon of the abyss,The prey that seems extremely unwilling to get out of control,Want to break free from the shackles of the light group,But eventually exhausted,Slowly retracted into the light group。
Xue Qifeng spit out blood,Serious injury,Just by that moment,He can see the things in the light group,It’s a very hideous monster,To be exact, it is a mass and irregular flesh and blood,Suddenly stretch out limbs and head,But after retracting,It seems there is nothing,Just a mess of meat,He realized that these ghosts are extraordinary things,Quickly exited the cave,Use the secret method to report to the same door,Search and understand the situation nearby。
It’s a pity that there is a wasteland in the depths,No people can be seen within a hundred miles,Where do these black guys come from?How long has it been?What harm did it cause?Why haven’t I heard of it?,He doesn’t understand,Only strong intuition told him,These evil things must be destroyed,Otherwise there will be a big disaster。
Xue Qifeng doesn’t worry about leaving,I always think something will happen at night,But he is not a rigid person,Quit and went a long way,Waiting to reunite with companion。
really,When the crescent moon looms into the clouds,The triangular stone platform has changed,A red light burst out from that hidden cave,Fall on the stone platform,Red light gradually condenses into substance,Just like molten iron just poured out,Overflowing from the platform,Then infiltrate along the three sections,The black stone platform gradually turned red,Suddenly remembered the dry and unpleasant sound in the sky,It seems that someone is reciting a scripture or mantra,Chanting,I seem to be singing some songs on and off。
The wasteland suddenly blew,The dark clouds in the sky gather more and more,The clouds above the stone platform began to rotate slowly,With an extremely eye-catching red light rising into the sky on the triangular stone platform,The rotating clouds are going crazy,Amidst the rapid rotation,Then,A huge black sphere condenses in the center of the vortex,The red light inside is rolling and roaring like blood。
Such a terrifying sight,Make Xue Qifeng’s scalp numb,Faintly feeling my mind、The soul is stirred by this huge vortex,Then dragged,He suddenly realized that he had been locked by this strange triangular stone platform,From the moment he stayed here in the afternoon,But he didn’t notice it at all,Actually dare to go to the cave to check,Even if it was hit hard,Still overwhelming。
at the moment,Xue Qifeng is soberly aware,By his power,Don’t say seal and destroy the stone platform,Even fleeing becomes a luxury,I regret calling the same door,So he resisted this terrifying gravity,Write down this brief experience with the secret method of the sect,Condense into a flying sword with thought power,Escape quickly,The intention is to warn the same door not to come again,Avoid it。
Two days later,The talents from the sect found the flying sword left by Xue Qifeng in the wasteland,Already bleak is about to annihilate,But didn’t heed Xue Qifeng’s warning,Stayed on the wasteland for three full months,But never looked for the triangular stone platform and cave described in Feijian,Naturally did not find Xue Qifeng。
This secret story was later recorded by Xue Qifeng’s apprentice,Coexist in the sect‘Yijiantang’Inside,Non-direct disciples cannot read,Nearly 300 years have passed since Li Hao saw this rumor。
Li Hao was deeply impressed by the adventures and unsettled cases of the ancestors,He has even seen the pattern of the triangular stone platform painted by Xue Qifeng’s disciple repeatedly,It is very similar to the blood triangle under Xiao Yanda’s body,Ordinary people cannot see with naked eyes,It’s difficult to perceive the energy fluctuations in it,But Li Haoneng,He even heard a terrifying sound,Like a heavy object fell and bounced,Or the heartbeat of some behemoth。
Chapter nine hundred and fifty three Change of Liuyun View